Esophageal dialation

I had an esophageal dialation done at the level of my upper esophageal sphincter about a year ago to address my difficulty swallowing. It wasn’t helpful, was very painful afterwards, and made my globus and throat tightness worse. This was back before Eagles was a consideration. It would make sense that Eagles would be aggravated by a dialation, right?

YES! Esophageal dilation could aggravate ES symptoms. Any aggressive therapy in that area would likely irritate the already irritated nerves further. I had swallowing issues (choking specifically) as my earliest ES symptom & had an upper GI to check my esophagus, but nothing turned up, so that was all I had done. It was a couple of years later that my “real” (i.e. pain) symptoms started. Thankfully, the upper GI didn’t leave me w/ any adverse affects.

Poor you, that was unlucky for you…how are you getting on with getting your ES treated?

My ent ordered a ct. Moving in the right direction.


That’s great news, @Ladybug! Please let us know what your CT shows. I hope you get helpful info from it.