Excessive sweating

Can ES. Cause excessive sweating ? Im asking because I get pain ,feeling of fatigue and then excessive sweating

Yes it can. Hyperhidrosis is a less common symptom, but we have had members who have mentioned it. Sweating & fatigue are your body’s parasympathetic response to the pain. You’re likely getting a release of adrenaline from the pain which brings on the fatigue (I had that when I had First Bite Syndrome after my first ES surgery) & the sweating may be a mild version of going into shock from the pain jolt.

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Thank you isaiah ,I can understand that due to the amount of pain i’m in most of the time .My Dr appt coming really soon :slightly_smiling_face::flushed:


I get the sweating sometimes too! It’s not all the time but boy when I do im like a puddle and I usually get super fatigued! Praying for some answers for you on your upcoming appointment!


Thank you Ddmarie Will keep yall updated