Finally an Update!

Greetings from the great Northwest!

It has been a while since I have posted on here as I have been waiting for Dr. Samji in California to review my 3D CT Scan with contrast.

Below is his email back after reviewing my scan:

“I am so very sorry I haven’t called sooner, your imaging does in fact suggest a likely case of eagles, I am surprised you do not describe the classic pain syndrome. I have been having time modeling a 3d version of your head from the ct you sent, but are you avail to talk tomorrow morning, say around 1130 am pst?”

So…I will actually get to chat with him tomorrow and learn a little more about what he detected from the scan. Very nice man!

As some of you may remember, I am the “odd ball” patient…as every scan indicates that I have ES, yet I HAVE NO PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH THIS WHATSOEVER ???

Six (6) straight years, though, of neurological issues, brain fog, extreme tinnuitis, horrible eustashian tube dysfunction, light headed 24/7, sensitive to bright lights and noises, horrible fatigue all the time, yada yada yada.

So I ask again…anyone on here have any of these symptoms WITHOUT having the extreme pain that others mention and go through???

I am somewhat hesitant to go through a major surgery if it not, truly, the cause of all of this crap…ugh. However, if there is a chance that this fixes me, I will be flying to California to proceed. No question!

Any feedback / input would be greatly appreciated :o)

Thanks from Spokane!


I know someone who ended up in the hospital with symptoms of a stroke, but it was not a stroke. Symptoms cleared up, but final evaluation was that she has vascular Eagles. . ( I am not sure if my description is accurate but I think the styloid just crushed the carotid from the way she turned her neck and I think I remember someone saying it nicked the carotid) The end result is that she had all kinds of tests from all kinds of doctors and was told, it will probably never happen again, it was a freak. So as far as I know she still lives with it. I have not contacted her family to see if she suffers from symptoms that no one has associated with Eagles, but I might just do that soon.

I think this may answer your question. Should you have surgery? That decision is up to you. Hope your discussion with Dr. Samji sheds some light on your situation.