Follow up after my angiogram

Hi everyone. So I had my angiogram oct 2 and I met with Dr. Hepworth today to discuss the results finally. Not much to say about the test because the angiogram focused on my head and veins in my head and not much on my neck which is where Dr H thinks my jugular is impinged. It ruled some things out so I guess that’s good? I explained about my pain having returned intermittently especially after going to the dentist and he agreed it could have been a flare up from the dentist and having my mouth open so much. Ultimately he recommended a styloidectomy and removing the calcified ligament. But he wants me to try muscle relaxers to see if that helps at all in the event my jaw muscle is also so tight that it is playing a part. If the muscle relaxers help he recommends an injection in the jaw for that and then also Eagles surgery. He said he’s certain surgery will help me and long term that is his recommendation but he wants to rule this other thing out first to see if it’s also playing a part. He does not want me on the blood thinner or the muscle relaxer long term but the fact that the blood thinner helped so much adds certainty that my vein is compressed somewhere. I am to try the muscle relaxer and then report back to the nurse in a few days; if it helps we’ll schedule an injection if it doesn’t we’ll try to move my next appointment in December up to discuss the surgery and all it entails and possibly have some other imaging done of my neck. Overall I am just glad it’s not an entirely new diagnosis/theory and that he is certain it is Eagle syndrome. He is so thorough! I’m grateful but also feeling impatient. My symptoms haven’t been as bad lately so that helps some, but I do have headaches on and off. I do have insomnia so on the bright side maybe the muscle relaxer will help with that as my understanding is they make you sleepy. Later today I am going to get an IUD placed so today is a big day of doctors appointments and likely pain and right now I’m just nervous about that. I keep telling myself if I can survive the angiogram I can survive an IUD! Anyway I will try the muscle relaxer tonight and see how it goes… hope it helps.


Thank you for the thorough update, blossom. I’m glad you have a path forward. It will be interesting to see if the muscle relaxer will help & it is good that Dr. H is being thorough, but I also understand your impatience in that if surgery is imminent, then “let’s just get it over with.”

Hopefully you won’t get too much ab cramping from the IUD placement. It is nice to get several things taken care of in one day.


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Sorry to hear i had 3 or 4 day without pain than blury vision for 10min out of no were
And sick dizzy feeling cramp like pains in throat
Just when you think its better comes back and slaps me always had bad mirgrains didnt think much of it untill was told i had eagle syn

Thanks @Isaiah_40_31! The iud was really painful! I’m still hurting so much but at least my Eagles pain has been minimal, ha.

@Trevor that is about how my symptoms are right now. Some days I feel fine, then the next day I have horrible headache, neck and throat pain. It’s rough. Sorry you’re going through it too. :frowning:

Hi @blossom !

I am not surprise Dr. H is teasing through all of this for you, he has learned an order of operation that is paramount to success. So, although it takes longer, trust me, it is of utmost importance.

Your jaw symptoms are very interesting. Imaging did not show this but after he went in on both sides my styloid had grown attached to my mandible following the stylomandibular ligament. This gradual attachment over who knows how many years lead to gradual decreased tolerance to having my teeth cleaned…hind sight is 20/20 haha - it wasn’t the dentist that was the problem :joy: It also gradually limited my neck motion which is MUCH better now! Just goes to show imaging is limited and sometimes you have to take the risk of surgery to really know what is happening.

Hope the muscle relaxers/injection are beneficial as having a relaxed jaw muscles for surgery will help tremendously in your styloidectomy recovery!

Great to hear your brain vessels looked good - that takes precedence over the ES surgery which is why he looked there :wink:

Hang in there, hope this all comes to an end for you VERY soon!!!


Hi @blossom ,

Glad your ES pain is currently depressed. I hope the IUD settles in & causes no more trouble! It seems if it isn’t one thing it’s another, eh?!

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Have you found a doctor to do ES surgery? I know many of our members from your country have had challenges finding surgeons to help. I hope you’re able to move forward with getting your ES treated soon! Blurry vision is concerning because it’s usually a sign of vascular compression when your head is in certain positions.

Thank you @JustBreathe! I am learning to fully trust this process. Thankfully have been feeling pretty good lately. I did notice my symptoms got a lot worse a few days after the dentist and messing with my tonsil bc of tonsil stones. Seems related. Not sure if muscle relaxer is helping much but I’ve also been on a lot of ibuprofen post-IUD placement as that really hurt! I plan to call the office this week to give an update to the nurses on how I’m feeling. Will go forward with pretty much whatever dr h recommends.

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Glad that Dr H is pretty sure that ES is your problem, & not too many more hoops to go through…the waiting’s frustrating but at least you’re in good (& thorough!) hands.


Glad all is moving forward blossom! I just cringe in pain when you mention the IUD placement as I will never forget how they almost had to peel me off the ceiling when I got one. I don’t want to scare you, but I eventually had mine taken out after discovering the IUD had perforated my uterus and ended up in the hospital with a major pelvic infection. Keep an eye on your pain levels from it. Wish you the best.

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@Snapple2020 thank you! so sorry you had complications. I researched and weighed the risks pretty carefully but hopefully I won’t suffer the same fate. My doctor did an ultrasound afterward and it’s in the correct place, but who knows. I have been on hormonal birth control for 15 years. With a family history of stroke my gyno and I decided another method might be a better option for me. But It was so painful. I have had dental procedures that were less painful where I was offered more sedation/pain relief. I was shouting, crying and swearing throughout and felt dizzy and nauseous afterward. I think it took only 5 mins or so but felt like an eternity. My cramps are somewhat better now almost a week out but I am paranoid it’s going to expel! Oh the joys of being woman… ugh

Joys of being a woman is right!!!
I had problems taking the pill myself and the estrogen was higher back when I took it in my early 20’s. After about 5 years on it, I started having issues and stopped taking it. I think it really messed up my hormonal system. I had the IUD in place for I think up to 2 years. I cant remember all the details but it became chronic PID after oral antibiotics failed eventually leading to hospitalization and IV antibiotics. It was so early in my 20’s,(Im 64 now) I don’t remember all the details. Glad you are feeling better…keep an eye on those woman things. :wink:

ouchie! I feel for you… :hugs:

Update… I have been taking the muscle relaxer once a day before bed for over a week and I feel GREAT. Combined with the blood thinner I feel 100 percent, no headaches and no neck pain at all. Do not even need to take ibuprofen or Tylenol. I called the office to report the good news and they are going to give me enough refills of the muscle relaxer to last until my next appt (end of December) and he will do a steroid injection in my jaw at that appointment. I’m so excited and truly amazed at Dr. H and his knowledge and willingness to help with this issue. Reading this forum it does seem that TMJ problems are common with Eagle syndrome and that was my understanding of what Dr. H said at the last appointment, that he thinks it is both TMJ and the styloid playing a part. Fingers crossed the injection helps for a while and that we can discuss surgery at the next appointment!


Happy to hear that blossom!!

That’s fantastic news, blossom! So taking the muscle relaxer at night doesn’t make you feel drowsy or too “relaxed” during the day?

Please remind us which muscle relaxer you’re taking as that approach might help others on this forum as they await surgery.

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That’s really good to hear; so pleased that Dr H has been able to help you while you wait for tests & appts. That you’re feeling great is brilliant to hear!

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Hi @Isaiah_40_31 I am on 10 mg of flexeril (generic is cyclobenzaprine) every night at bedtime. The first few nights it did make me really sleepy and I felt a little groggy in the morning but nothing too bad. Now after a week I don’t notice it in the morning and if anything it is helping me fall asleep at night. I have suffered from random bouts of insomnia for the last two years so I guess it is a positive side effect for me!


Thank you for the scoop, blossom. :blush:

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woo hoo blossom. Glad u got some relief. The injections helped me. It seemed it took a couple weeks to kick in. Good luck at next appt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: