Glossopharyngeal Nerve Block - effective diagnostic?

I recently posted a question asking if others experienced ES similar symptoms to mine, and received lots of reassuring and informative replies. As my symptoms don’t involve the throat or swallowing, the surgeon confirmed my concerns and plan to pause the planned Styloidectomy while I do some more research.
I have since been referred to a Neurologist/Anesthesiologist in Raleigh, named Dr Kenneth Carnes (Raleigh Neurology).
He recommended performing a Glossopharyngeal nerve block to see if I receive any symptom relief. Stating that if I do have relief, then I should definitely consider the surgery as this would prove that the ES is or is not causing most of my issues.
Has anyone else tried this procedure? Does this sound like an effective diagnostic procedure?
I very much appreciate any feedback or personal experience accounts.

Hi Zoe,

Nerve blocks of various sorts have been used over the years as diagnostic tools for ES & as aids to temporarily reduce symptoms. They can be helpful for both situations. A common practice is to inject a combo of lidocaine & cortisone into the tonsilar fossa using ultrasound so the needle can be precisely placed near the styloid. I believe some doctors do a similar procedure through the neck. It would be good for you to ask if the GN nerve block will be done w/ ultrasound guidance.

I hope this helps. :blush:


Very helpful, thank you Isaiah!

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