Going to get help and surgery!

Going to get a surgery 24 aug! The specialist doctor didn’t think that this was a “big deal to fix”,and he wants to do the surgery from outside because he wants to “see what he is doing”.
My left styloid is a little long to, but they fix the right first, and the other one if i get problems in the future.
Seems to be a good doctor with lot of expirience.

Has anyone replied to you? The site had a new system St up and it looks like you didn’t get a response. How did things go? How are you?

1.5 year after surgery, pain is back! On the same side, :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry to hear that; there have been a couple of members who’ve had their styloid processes grow back. Are you going to try to get a scan to see what’s going on?

I am very sorry you are having pain again.
I had similar pain return and it turned out to be scar tissue. It’s being handled with cold laser. If it turns out to be scar tissue you end up getting cold laser therapy- make sure they know enough to use the cone attachment to avoid thyroid. :blush:

Year, it sucks, Got time to my surgeon the 20 March, to long with this type of pain :slightly_frowning_face: hope its Not a regrown bone

Thank you for your reply, how do they check if its scar tissue? Xray? Dont know anything about cold laser? Whats that?

There isn’t a real test to check for scar tissue that I know of, it’s more of a process of elimination and cause and affect type of situation. Cold laser is gaining popularity for injury therapies. In some cases replacing ultra sound therapy. It’s a laser light that triggers the body to heal at directed locations. With scar tissue is helps break up the scar tissue. It’s used on joints for arthritis, ganglions in wrists and cartilage repair in toes. There are a lot of uses, but it’s still being researched. Precautions need to be taken to protect eyes with the one currently being used on me.
I’ve also been given some simple gentle stretches to do for the scaring.

In the U.S., cold lasers are often used by chiropractors, sports medicine therapists & physical therapists. Your doctor should be familiar with cold laser use even if he/she doesn’t use it in his/her office. If it’s being done on your face, you have to wear very dark sunglasses which they usually supply.
As MusicGeek said, it’s good to err on the side of caution & make sure your thyroid is protected as well.

Update! Have seen my “Eagle” doctor, maby pain problems from the scars, but my real pain can be my jaws, he said that they did not sound good at all, I constantly pressing my teeth, when I am awake, and when i sleep, so I have probably worn out my jaw
:rage:, next step jaw/teeth specialist…
Got a new painkiller, gabapentin to take, hope it works

In that case you might want to read the discussion ‘Night guard affected by surgery’- there’s info about night guards, TMJD and links with ES.

Hi Johan,
I have the same type of jaw issues that you have. I clench my teeth when I’m sleeping or awake & stressed. I’ve had ear pain & tinnitis, jaw muscle spasms & joint pain for years. My right jaw joint grinds/making crunchy sounds when I chew or open my mouth. The ligament on my left side periodically makes a loud snapping sound when I open my mouth. Seeing a cranial chiropractor has made a big difference. He does massage on my jaw muscles externally then works on the more internal ones w/ his finger. It’s a painful process & will probably never be a cure, but it relieves my symptoms for up to a month after each visit.
I don’t know how common chiropractors are in Sweden, but if you have access to one who knows how to work on your jaw, you might find it helps.

Hi! I have visited a chiropractor, for my neck pain, but he did also massage my jaw muscles (hurt as h*ll!) , but I clench anyway, and I think I have always have clenched… Have asked a lot of people If there upper and lower teeth is in contact with each other all the time, and they don’t. My jaw clicks and pops, and sometimes I can’t close my mouth without bad pain, "when it’s over stressed ". pain/clicks when I yawn so I need to hold back because of pain.And I don’t know why i constantly clench, maby something psychological? , I really don’t know, and that ear pain, feels like the ear drum is going to blow, and around eye pain is not a good feeling

Hi and thanks! Interesting reading, hmm

Sounds like seeing a specialist who deals w/ TMJD is what you should do. Your temporomandibular joint is probably worn in a manner similar to mine. My doctor called it “bird-beaking” as the “ball” part of the joint wears down to a point (more or less) on one side & stops being round. This in turn keeps the joint from moving smoothly. Teeth clenching, of course, puts a lot of pressure on an already distressed joint which in turn causes jaw, neck & facial muscle spasms.

I wear a retainer on my upper teeth & a night guard on my lower teeth at night when I sleep. It was recommended that I also use the night guard during the day when I do stress inducing activities that cause me to clench like driving in traffic, exercising (weight lifting in particular), etc. I have failed to follow the day time instructions, but I’m sure that blocking my ability to fully clench my teeth any time I’m under stress would help. That’s what a night guard or dental splint does - keeps you from being able to clench your teeth together tightly.