Good surgeons in Louisiana

Hello, I am new on the site and I have a few questions . I live in Louisiana does anyone know of the best surgeons here. Also, Aspercreme seems to help my symptoms when I apply directly behind my ear and lightly rub into styloid ligament . Is aspercreme ok to use ? It seems pretty common from what I am reading to have upper civically neck issues along with Es ? I have been diagnosed w cervical rediculopathy Causing weakness in my arms and hands …( atrophy in my left hand ). :frowning: comments appreciated. Thx!

I’ve not heard of aspercreme, but a quick google says it’s lidocaine, so it should be fine. Others have used patches to help, & doctors can do a lidocaine/ steroid injection into the tonsils which sometimes helps. If you’ve found something that works a bit, that’s great! I’ll try to remember that, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it before.
Yes, lots of us have other neck problems- it could be just aging issues, lots of us have had neck trauma which is a know cause of ES, & we have quite a few members with cervical instability & Ehlers Danlos too.
ES can also cause arm/ shoulder pain & weakness also, as the accessory nerve can get irritated by the styloids, maybe yours could be affected?

Hi Tim,

Here is the link to our doctors list: US Doctors Familiar With ES, Current List

There are two doctors listed for LA, & one of our members just had intraoral surgery done by another doctor there, but we haven’t put his name on the list yet. I’ll try to find it to add it. Dr. Nuss has done external surgery for several of our members & with good results, but he seems to be referring new ES patients to another doctor now. It would still be worthwhile contacting him.