Has anybody had intraoral both sides at the same time?

Although my symptoms are not the classic Eagle syndrome, I decided that I will have the surgery. I know the final decision is obviously mine but I would like to hear your experiences and opinions. the first doctor suggested to remove only the extraoral left side and if I get better in 6/12 months maybe remove the right side. My left side is a little worse but I have symptoms on both sides. The second doctor suggested removing both sides in a single intraoral surgery. Although this doctor is extremely reputable, I am afraid. first to do intraorally. From what I’ve read here, extraoral would be the safest option. and second, to do both sides intraorally in the same surgery. It seemed a little risky and aggressive. none guaranteed me cure or relief of symptoms. what do you think?

I think your gut is leading you in the right direction. One at a time externally. Don’t you want some cool looking scars to show proof of all the crap you went through? :rofl:


That is a very good point! Lol

It has been done- I’m sorry I can’t remember who had surgery this way, I’m sure Isaiah will- but several members have had successful surgery both sides at once. And a member recently had intraoral surgery & with several incisions the whole styloid was removed. It is a tough recovery though.
You’ve obviously read the pros & cons of intraoral vs external, so won’t go through that again…I would add though that members who don’t get completely ‘cured’ after the 1st surgery find then doctors won’t operate on the 2nd side as they say it doesn’t seem to have helped, when actually it’s because the 2nd side is still in that it’s causing symptoms. So be prepared for that!
A 3-6 month wait between surgeries seems to be standard & sensible.

Hi tatianac!

I’m glad you’ve decided to move forward w/ surgery. I think it’s the right choice. I totally agree w/ what SewMomma said. Besides all that, the neck scars are nearly invisible once fully healed so you only get bragging rights for the first few months post op. :wink:

Here is one post by someone who had bilateral intraoral surgery. I believe there are others. If you click on the magnifying glass icon above & type in “bilateral intraoral surgery” all the posts that mention that will come up for you to read. The post was made by Catmd in Jan '18

Hi Jules

Thanks for your food for thought. This whole process has been very stressful for me. Especially because tinnitus,. It’s too loud now. I have had other symptoms for 3 years. and they were already driving me crazy. tinnitus appeared 2 months ago only. many decisions to make.
Thank you for the support! I really need it!

I had mine both removed extraoral at that same time. I’m very happy I did and that it cleared up so much for me.


Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate. Mine will be intraoral bilateral in 2 days.