HI! new here, dx yesterday but ENT says symptoms are TMJ, also wondering if anyone has had recent experience with docs at u of MD

HI! I’ve susupected I have Eagles for about a year now, the biggest clue was the 1/4in bone sticking out of where my tonsils used to be. I finally went the to ENT yesterday and explained my symptoms throat pain, ear pain, face pain and worst of all the headaches in my temple and behind my eye. He immediately said I have TMJ and should see my dentist, then palpated my throat and his eyes got big. He said I had eagles syndrome and had the most prominent styloid he’s ever seen, BUT my symptoms were most likely from TMJ. He discouraged surgery but did say I should go to University of MD or Hopkins if I decided to go that route. I think he is just inexperience with Eagles, he talked about having the styloid “clipped” and said he did the surgery 10+years ago. I know from here having it clipped is not the way to go.
So my question is …whats peoples experience with TMJ, should I check that out first? And I’ve seen that Dr Taylor and Guardiani at U of MD have been recommended, has anyone had recent experience with them? Thank you!!

Hi vanwolf!

Welcome to this site w/ its wealth of great info about ES! Indeed you’re right, you do not want to have your styloid clipped but totally removed at the skull base. Clipping, as you’ve probably read, can leave a sharp tip that causes other troubles as well as the fact that a clipped styloid can continue to grow & will recreate your current problems or worse. ES symptoms can mimic TMJ symptoms &/or make existing TMJ symptoms worse so your ENT is not wrong in calling your symptoms TMJ related but the intensity of the symptoms is more likely related to ES.
You can try treating symptoms w/ pain meds, nerve pain/anti-seizure meds or cortisone shots which may give temporary relief, but only surgical removal of the styloids/stylohyoid ligaments will remove the cause of the pain.

I’m sorry I don’t know the doctors in MD as I’m in CA. I hope someone w/ experience on the East Coast replies to your question.


Thank you Isaiah! I have an apt with an ENT at University of MD in 2 weeks. I ve been dealing with headaches for 10 years and been told multiple things and have figured I just had to live with it. I really don’t think my symptoms are TMJ related or at least not the majority. I guess I should also follow up with my dentist to cover that base. thank you for the reply!

At least you have a large clue to show the docs with it being felt in your mouth!! At least if you get TMJD checked out in the meantime then you can say you’ve tried that. And we always suggest people read up as much as they can about ES, treatments etc. (info in the Newbies Guide which I’m guessing you’ve already had a look at?) before any appt.s so you can ask the right questions.
I don’t know anything about Dr Guardiani- the doctors list was drawn up a few years ago I think, so it could be that the people who had surgery there aren’t on the site any more.
Good luck though!

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