HUANG et al. 2022 - Does Transcervical Styloidectomy for Eagle Syndrome Improve Quality Of Life?


Thanks for this! :smiley: A good one for members to read when doctors say surgery won’t help!

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I don’t guess anybody has the entire article…???

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I would say, based on the overall experiences of our members, that a styloidectomy, whether transoral or transervical, where the styloid is as completely removed as possible, & stylohyoid ligaments, if calcified, are also removed, DEFINITELY IMPROVES quality of life.

That doesn’t necessarily mean all symptoms disappear, but it does mean that symptoms at least decrease significantly enough that life can be resumed at or close to the level it was enjoyed prior to ES symptoms onset. It also doesn’t mean a nerve pain medication won’t be required to help tame residual symptoms, but if that’s required, it’s usually a low/moderate dose which is optimally tolerated by one’s body.

Nerve recovery can take up to a year & sometimes a bit more which means symptoms can linger for quite awhile post op. We’ve also found they tend to gradually fade, not just spontaneously disappear, though spontaneous disappearance also happens at times.