I need help from everyone with my questions!

The ENT I have been seeing has finally agreed to my surgery after a two month wait to see a rheumatologist. He says he will perform the surgery without removing the tonsil only a small incision in the tonsil. My problem is he does not believe Eagles causes all the symptoms I have been experiencing e.g headaches, sinus issues, tinnitus, full ears, temperature control issues, synchopy, etc. could someone please please give me their input on this? I told him to check out this site I am so afraid that he is not going to be able to take out enough of the styloid or see enough of what is happening in there if he does not take the issues seriously. He also does not believe that prednisone reduces symptoms which it did for me. Please someone give me your input!

Hi Lifelongeagle, is there any chance you could go to one of the surgeons in Emma's list on this site? This guy sounds like he has no knowledge of eagle syndrome, which could be a little risky. Actually, it probably doesn't matter that much if he doesn't understand all of the possible symptoms, but you definitely want someone with experience and skill in removing styloids.

I think your concern about an incomplete removal is right on. I've read too many stories on here about people needing 2nd or 3rd surgeries when the 1st surgeon doesn't remove it completely.

I agree to try for a second opinion...I have been to 5 ENT's before I got the recent group to confirm my eagles and now they are actually trying to learn more about it from me. I too have all those symptoms...serious ear & headaches. Thanks for sharing & all of us out here, CARE

Thank you so much I really need validation after years of thinking I was crazy! Then this came about and when I started researching it everything made so much sense! I am so surprised by the doctor saying he has performed the operation before but not seeming to understand the nerve problems it causes.

I went out of Tx to have Dr Samji in San JoSe, Ca for consult and surgery. I am so pleased my left styloidectomy post op results. There are surgeon on the doctors list that maybe closer to you. Eagles Syndrome is not taken seriously in the medical field. Trying to find a surgeon that gets how bad Eagles syndrome, is like finding a needle in a haystack. So if this dr has made you wait thru 2 more agonizing months, Maybe he is not for you. I suffered from ES for over 5.5 years, it took my quality of life away and most importantly being a mom to my son was affected. I was bed bound most of the time.

My ent told me the same thing and he did remove all of my styloid it helped with dulled a lot of symptoms and fixed one completely,but still don’t think any doctor knows what to do if symptoms still persist after the removal I had another ct 2 years after surgery it showed the styloid has not tried to grow back it just seems to me they don’t understand what damages it causes to your inside or they might not be reversible be prepared that it might not fix everything and try to enjoy what it did fix .

Yours is such a common scenario. I also think that if at all possible, you should try to go to one of the experienced doctors who will take out the whole styloid. Otherwise, it's very possible you could be in for more problems down the road.

Eagleheart I just read your 8 week post op post today is my 2 months I’m still having some trouble hw r u now?