I need some direction. Cant find an experienced ES Doctor who can help me

I've recently been diagnosed with ES, but I'm pretty sure that I've had it for many years now.

About two years ago I had a tonsillectomy and uvulectomy for sleep apnea. I'm not overwheight so my sleep apnea didnt make sense to me.

My symptoms vary a lot and they seem to come and go. The thing that really concerns me lately is that I feel like I'm getting weaker and weaker and sometimes it even feels like I'm going to pass out. This has happened occasionally throughout the years, but lately it's become a pretty regular thing, especially when I get excited, feel rushed or in a hurry. I've had slightly low wbc for many years now with a low pulse rate and low BP. I've lost quite a bit of weight over the past year and I cant seem to regain it. The doctor diagnosed me with GERD many years ago. Last year i changed my diet and took myself off of the prescribed acid reducers after hearing their long term effects. I'm not sure if the diet change is related to the weight loss or not. I was around 193lbs and now I'm 176lbs. I'm 6'1 so i'm not officially underweight yet..

I've also had other systemic things going on for quite a while like intermitent burning throat,cool air in throat, horseness, pressure behind the left eye, dizzy spells, floaters, constant swollen salivary glands, along with symtoms that resemble splenic flexure issues or crohns(not sure if thats related.)

I would like to know if some of these symptoms can be fixed by surgery or not.

I've recently has a MRA and MRI to check if it was effecting my carotid artery which was negetive..Should they be checking for anything else from these tests?

i'm looking for a doctor who can help me. Preferably one of the best if they take my insurance. My ENT seems to have limited understanding of ES.

I wish I had more time to come on and connect with everyone more frequently, but my schedule is very packed so please dont feel like I'm ignoring you if I don't reply right away.

I should probably try to get some sleep now.

God bless you all, and I look forward to hearing from you.