I'm new to the page, looking for a recommended surgeon in Melbourne, Australia

Hello everyone, please look at my page for my personal story with eagles. I would like an opinion from a doctor who has operated before. I believe my left side (my symptomatic side) is 6mm the right side is around 3. Dr Nastri (Melbourne OMF surgeon) was talking about going up through the neck to remove or shave off as much as he can otherwise to remove it all he said he would have to go through the base of the skull. He’s never operated before but I’m just to grateful he didn’t dismiss me. He suggested I get a second opinion . Anyone know anyone?
Also could someone tell me the difference between vascular and classic and how this is diagnosed. Thank you everybody.

check out the spread sheet I am uploading if you have Excell. There is one doctor recommended in Queensland Australia, sorry, I haven't seen any others. Simple version. Classic Eagles, the symptoms are mostly ear pain, burning throat, neck pain, burning tongue, feeling of something stuck in throat and many others. Vascular Eagles, the styloid is compressing the carotid artery and causes dizziness, problems with keeping a normal blood pressure, and heartrate, sometimes passing out, things that might be similar to a clogged artery. That is the simple version. Some members with vascular can be more specific.

426-EaglesSyndromeDoctors.xls (34.5 KB)

Thank you Emma, yes I had a look at that one thank you. Only the one on that spreadsheet near me in Geelong but I’m not too sure he has a lot of experience, I’m about to chat to purple girl about it. Can’t believe how difficult it is to find a doctor :frowning:

Correction, my styloid is 60mm (6cm) on my left and 35mm (3.5cm) on the right

Emipie, please keep us informed whatever you do. We need to dig out some more specialists in Australia if we can. Hope the new year brings us a lot of help.

Sure do Emma! Yes I will keep all posted if I have any luck

Welcome to the page. 6cm, well I am impressed

I know! Insane isn’t it!

emipie, have you found a solution. I am updating my spreadsheet soon. I am still looking for new doctors

Hi Emma, no further over for me with doctors, Alf Nastri (Oralmaxofacial Surgeon) in Melbourne, Victoria diagnosed my problembut was reluctant to operate as he never has before on eagles, and couldn’t guarantee it would provide relief

Bummer, I suppose you know about the only 2 surgeons that I have found from our members on this website. The second one is new on the spreadsheet that I posted, but you probably already know about him. Wishing you a speedy solution, and wish we had more help for you.

Yes thank you Emma, just great to.have the forum for support

Hi Everyone,

I am new here. My ENT specialist did not consider I got eagle syndrome. I am looking for ENT specialist has more experience in this area.

Hi Cherry,

On the Doctors’ List for countries outside the US, I found the information below, but there is no contact info. Perhaps you can do some sleuthing to see if Dr. Michael Elliott is still at the same location(s) or either of the other two doctors mentioned. Since your ENT won’t look into ES for you, you could ask your primary care doctor (PCP) for the name of an ENT in your area who is a cancer specialist. Anthat ENT cancer specialist often knows about ES & is willing to refer a patient for a CT scan to look for it. Please let us know what you learn. I just looked up Dr. Elliott & it looks like he’s practicing in Sydney. A bit far away for you, but you can still see what you can find.

•Dr Michael Elliott, ENT, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/ or Concord/ or privately at The Mater)? Victoria, with Dr Michael Halmagyi (Neurologist) and Dr Jeff Parker (Radiologist)

Here are another couple of links for doctors in Melbourne which is closer to you, plus there are a number of doctors in Melbourne on our list.


Thank you very much. Will check on this information.


You’re most welcome. :blush: