Is there something not normal on my scan?

Sorry, im french, m’y English is bad.
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I hesitate to say anything since we are not doctors here and I'm not familiar with the technical things, but you sure look like you have elongated styloids to me. Are you asking if your styloids are touching or compressing something in particular?

Weren't you going to see that doctor in Spain? Did you get a chance to see him yet? If so, what did he say?

i have to send my scan to the doctor in bercelona. I hope to have a chanceto see him.

But i wondering ifi have ES becasei don't have any throat pain, but just a strange sensation und my ear, something very hard. And i have problem with my muscles in this area.

Hi Max, not all Eagles patients have throat pain. There are such a wide variety of symptoms and while there are similarities and some common symptoms, every case seems to be a little different. So don't let that worry or stop you. I'm curious to see what the doctor in Spain tells you.