Just diagnosed

Hi everyone! I’ve been recently diagnosed but have had “sinus/ear” issues for about 10 years. I’m 36 years old. I also have seasonal allergies that have been confirmed by testing so I’m not sure which symptoms are to blame with that or are due to Eagle syndrome? Does anyone else get a lot of post nasal drainage sensation from this? I have the hearing sensitivity, pressure/fullness in ears, random throat pains, dizziness, pressure behind R eye at times. My CT showed the elongated styloid bones but with my symptoms being intermittent and not severe I’m hesitant to do the surgery? Any advice?

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The symptoms you have which are typical of ES are hearing sensitivity, ear pressure/fullness, throat pain, dizziness, & pressure behind your eye. These are very typical ES symptoms. I suspect the post nasal drainage is allergy related as it’s not a typical ES symptom. If your ES symptoms aren’t affecting your life significantly then surgery is something you should consider for the future. It is likely your symptoms will progress over time to a point where they impact your ability to live normally. It’s at that point that surgery will become a more appealing option (not that surgery is ever appealing!). Surgery is the only “cure” for ES.
If you click on the HOME tab at the top of this page & go to the Newbie’s Guide, there is lots of ES information there. It will be helpful & informative for you.

You can search past discussions using the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page- there have been a few other members who’ve had sinus issues, but unfortunately I can’t find anything about whether these have been resolved after surgery- you might have more luck!

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