Just need to vent!

I hope you don’t mind me letting loose on here but I’m feeling so fed up! My symptoms have got so much worse this week,I have no idea why!!! I have a burning earache 24/7 it’s so depressing! I had my CT last week and have my follow up appt on Monday, I am freaking out with what hey might find, I guess I’m abut scared… I do have the bone poking through behind my tonsil but you find yourself wondering, can this bone cause so much ear pain and muscle tension in my shoulders :frowning: I’m ju o fed up with having to deal with this daily!

Hang in there, you aren’t alone! And yes, it sure can cause those problems. I hope you get some good news Monday!

Yes, it can…it's exactly what those bones do! Don't worry about what else they will find….seriously that pain is exactly descriptive of ES symptoms. Many of us had the 'CT' wait and you can imagine all kinds of stuff, but don't think too much about it. It will drive you nuts! You are hanging out here with people who were in the same boat! I'm sorry you are in such pain. I find that symptoms come and go, something I read here a lot, too.

Yes it can. There are so many things located in that area and depending on what the styloid is pressing on is why you get a range of different symptoms.

Sorry you are in so much pain :(

Hang in there and don't give up hope!

Praying that you get some relief soon :)

Ditto to what everyone else has said. Prayers for relief

Hang in there and keep fighting!! Your symptoms sounds like ES. It is very hard to put the symptoms all in one category. Prior to surgery, it felt like I had knife in ear, jaw, neck, down shoulders and shoulder blade. My arms would just ache and get really weak. My chest would just ache. I felt exhausted and almost pass out at times. I couldn’t sit in a chair or ride in a car without huge flare. Also, if I looked down that would trigger bad pain. The styloids have lots of nerves and blood vessels around them. Also, the styloids can be too long or just really thick. My styloid was 2.5cm but very thick calcification. Norm range is 2.0cm or less. Local Drs didnt want to say it was because it was not over 3.0cm. It seems ES comes in many shades of gray. So, I went out of stare and saw an experienced ES surgeon. I had left styloid removed on the 11/25 and my left side feels so relaxed compared to my right side of body. Other symptoms was difficulty swallowing past my voice box, back part of tongue felt bruised, horrific migraines-light, sound, and touch sensitivity.