Levator scapulae muscle tension

As it turns out, I always have strong, very painful muscle tension that emanates from the left levator scapulae muscle. IJV compression is also on the side. It almost seems as if the body is trying to relieve the jugular vein through the tension…

Can those with IJV compression see this in themselves? Or is this common symptom in all ES?

I only have confirmed IJV on the left, but both sides of my neck are consistently tight. The left side tightness is easing as I heal from surgery though. I’d want more data to be sure, but I’d be willing to bet there’s correlation between the symptoms and IJV, if not causation.

Oh I have this so bad. My doctor actually is scheduling trigger point injections. I think it’s a neurological issue as a result of the stenosis.

Not sure if it’s anything to do with the IJV compression- I think most members have issues with neck & shoulder muscles, & jaw/ face too…I’ve had surgery but do still have problems with muscle tension, although I had a whiplash injury & a prolapsed disc C5-6 which probably contribute to it all!

These dang muscles cause me so much problems with pain and may contribute the the majority of my neck dysfunction. I had a whiplash injury in my late teens and this has been a chronic problem, I have tried all kinds of injections to relax these rock hard muscles, massage, you name it and I have good and bad days. I am not aware of any IJV at this point however my C2-C3 maybe contributing and I am starting to suspect some compression as when I press in that area, it refers to my ear where I get alot of pain. I had the ES surgery on this side and havent had full relief yet and didnt expect full relief - I try to be realistic. Im hoping when I do the other side in a couple weeks, I might get some function back and get these muscles to relax.

I had a whiplash injury over 25 years ago & have had problems since too, I can sympathise!