Lump feeling in throat

Does anyone have the constant feeling of having something in their throat? I have had a tonsilectomy and a styloidectomy on the right side which didn’t do anything whatsoever for the feeling of something in my throat. I have even had triamcinolone injections in my throat and they haven’t done anything at all. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t dry swallow properly on the right side and it is alwaus in same place, never ever goes away. I have had all the scans in the world too.

I did have that feeling as well as feeling like food always stuck in my throat when I swallowed. I had external surgery on my right side and that all resolved.

How much of your styloid did they take out? Or maybe a better question is how much was left in? I'm still having issues on my left side because not enough of the styloid was taken out.

My surgeon said that he removed calcified ligament and actually split the styloid which I assume means he made it thinner. The scans showed a very small elongation and he mustn't have felt like the length was what was bothering me. I feel exactly the same, I'm so devastated.

Like the size of a quarter at biggest but never moves same spot always going on 13 years tempted to cut in and investigate myself safely ugh

to specify the spot is right under my jaw on right side a inch infront of my ear but in neck on skeletal pics looks like were the end of the hyoid is on right side