Made it to California - Surgery on Monday -- and Follow up

Update after new CT-A

Hi guys,

This week I had a new follow up CT-A. It was a litte bit surprising i.e. disappointing because the IJV on the left opened only a litte bit. There is still severe compression, the radiologist told me, and the C1 TP is a bit prominent but there might also be scar tissue. Though the symptoms are improved I’m a bit unhappy with that, because I had hope the jugular vein will open up completely or at least up to 50%.
Hard to determine now what remaining problems come from what. I think I have to be patient again and wait a bit more to evaluate the right side for surgery and then maybe care about the compression. And I don’t know if they would treat IJVC here in Germany.
Already told Isaiah, that I’ll probably see the whole US before they get me to health again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Not the badest thing, but I would prefer traveling for pleasure.

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