My breathing issues

Hi all,

I need some help and support with a range of throat symptoms that frighten me. Does anyone have pressure at the back of throat on the palet near back and round the sides it actually feels like my palet has dropped and the space I normally breath through is restricted? Like spasms and aches. Breathing becomes difficult and I feel like I’m dragging the air in, I also have vocal chord dysfunction so I think this could be causing the issues also? My throat burns and feels so uncomfortable…

I’m sorry for what you’re experiencing & know breathing issues in particular can be scary.

ES can cause odd symptoms, your throat burning & vocal cord troubles could be among them. The vagus nerve would be responsible for vocal cord problems & possibly even the throat burning but there are other nerves that affect the throat as well. The vagus nerve also affects breathing. It’s one of the cranial nerves often irritated by ES & it can cause many uncomfy & scary symptoms when it’s not happy.

As far as your palate goes, the only thing I can say is I had an ES symptom where my upper gums & the roof of my mouth would feel like they’d been scalded by hot water. It would last a couple of hours then gradually fade. It would happen in a period when I had nothing to eat or drink for several hours & was unpredictable in its arrival & departure.

Maybe someone else had had a symptom more similar to yours.

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So sorry that you’re getting more scary throat symptoms…I didn’t have any throat issues with ES, so can’t help with that, only to agree with Isaiah that the vagus nerve can cause some weird issues including breathing.
Have you ever considered trying nerve pain medications? That might be something to help? There’s info about different medications in the Newbies Guide Section, you could ask your GP?
Thinking of you…

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