My Eagle Experience

As requested I am jotting a few notes down about my Eagle Syndrome experience. I had the surgery Monday morning to remove my left styloid. As it is today, three days later, the painful sensation that I have been attributing to the styloid is gone, and has been replaced by other (gradually subsiding) painful sensations from swelling and the incision which was done in my mouth. The surgery itself was not too bad. Go to sleep, and wake up minus one annoying bone, and a mean hangover. I had it done at MUSC in Charleston. If anyone is looking for a doc in the area I can refer them to mine if they message me. I have had a good experience so far with the MUSC medical staff. In a nutshell.. I have had some wicked neck pains that I attributed to normal strain and tried to ignore for a good number of years...went to an Air Force dentist who noticed some calcification on my X-ray and suggested that it might be Eagles and told me not to freak out. I thought "I don't know what Eagles is so why freak out?" and I didn't even bother to look it up until a couple of weeks later, and then as soon as I read the symptoms it all made perfect sense. After that I scheduled a check up, was referred to get a CT scan done, then I was diagnosed, and scheduled the surgery. Time will tell if I will fell remedied when the swelling goes down but I am hopeful. Questions?

Thank you for posting your symptoms and how you finally got diagnosed. You had a lot of courage to have gone through the surgery. Wishing you a swift recovery and please keep us posted after you feel well enough to tells us if you got relief and results you hoped for and how you are currently doing. I appreciate you taking the time to post this blog. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest!

With Kind Regards, viperbone