My first bite syndrome is starting to go away!

It's so nice to not be writhing in pain each time I start eating something. It has taken 3.5 months to see this gradually change for the better. I have to keep reminding myself that nerve pain is slow to heal. Hopefully by May, when I have my next surgery, it will be gone & even more hopefully, I won't get it on the other side post op.

May it encourage you to know that patience will most likely pay off for anyone who's suffering from this most uncomfy post op side effect or any other nerve damage issue.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Thankful that you are improving…quite a trial in patience sometimes…Gods blessings to you as you continue to recover and prepare for your next surgery…

Praise Him!!!! So happy to hear this for you!!!

Thank you, Kay & shoppergirl! God is good all the time, even when we suffer. We are His treasured possessions & nothing He allows into our lives is pointless.


Very pleased for you; trusting Him is hard sometimes!

God Bless.

PS Thanks to all who post updates after surgery, it's really helpful to those of us who are thinking about surgery.

Good news, keep posting

Aloha my new friend Isaiah 40:31,

I just saw this discussion and wanted to thank you for posting your experience with first bite syndrome. I too have this on both sides after my surgery. I am very pleased to know that this is a temporary nerve related syndrome and that yours is going away! So happy for you! Patience, patience, patience for the rest of us!

what is first bite syndrome?

Here is a link that briefly describes first bite syndrome. Not everyone gets it but it is a possible after effect of ES surgery.

Hi Lisa,

How are you- have you made any decisions about surgery? Your symptoms sounded pretty grim, are they the same still? Thinking of you,


Lisa said:

what is first bite syndrome?