My Symptoms & Locations

Here's an image I put together of what I am experiencing. I'm gonna print this out and take it to my Dr. so I don't have to try and explain everything. Hopefully it will help the Dr. see right off and understand me better. We'll see.

88-ESSymptoms.jpg (231 KB)

That's a really good idea! I did always write a list to take with me, but that shows it really simply! I have found, as have others on here, that sometimes doctors don't always believe all the symptoms are down to ES- even the 'experienced' docs, so don't be too disappointed if they don't take them all seriously, although you seem to have the standard ones on there, nothing weird and wonderful! Heidemt gave some good advice- she suggested that sometimes we should be careful with mentioning the weird symptoms or too many in case the doctors think you're a bit mad, that sometimes you just have to wait and see what improves, but other than the eye and eyebrow, yours are pretty 'normal'!! BTW the eyebrow pain/ pressure I have still post surgery- I think it's possibly caused by the Trigeminal nerve. I would get your eyes checked out if you can though - it would be good to get an ophthalmologist's opinion on that, and at least you can know what might be causing that before you see your doctor for ES. Hope that you get on well!