Nasal Valve Collapse?

Has anyone had this happen? I had my right intraoral surgery done a few weeks later my nasal valves collapsed? The doctor said it couldn’t be from the surgery but I question that since the nasal passages connect to the roof of your mouth.

The doctor really thinks my other problems are still caused from my other styloid. I honestly don’t want to get the other side done and I don’t have the time now since I’m a teacher.

He said the nasal valve collapse surgery is easy. It’s an in office procedure where they inject a dissolvable implant. I’ve been wearing breathe right strips around the house (essentially does the same thing but not permanent) and it makes a big difference. I think I want to get this procedure first and see what happens and then go from ther.

Any similar experiences??

I have not heard of that happening as a consequence of ES surgery although, you’re right, the timing seems like an awfully big coincidence. Perhaps the tissues in the area were weakend enough by the intraoral surgery that they ultimately collapsed maybe not caused directly by the surgery but indirectly.

Sorry that you now have something else to deal with- it’s not something I’ve heard of on the site while I’ve been on it, so can’t help. Good luck if you do opt to have the collapse repaired- hope it is as easy as your doctor says…

If you have the opportunity, check with another doctor unrelated to your original surgeon about the nasal valve collapse and the surgery to repair it. Just a suggestion to get other opinions. Definitely, no doctor will tell you that the original surgery caused it, doctors could not be sure, but they could further explain the repair surgery to you so you can be sure of its “simplicity.”