Neck Traction Device That Helps My Symptoms

I want to share something that helps! I just ordered this traction device on amazon. I had used it at a chiropractor’s office last year, and really liked it because it was simple and it gave me the traction I need. It is also easy to set up over a door (It comes with a very simple piece to do that) and it can pack right into a suitcase. I used to have the water bag traction device, and I didn’t use it because it was a pain to set up, and the water bag tended to get mildew. I find this much more simple and likely to be used daily. I found that after using it, my face/jaw/lip tingling was very reduced, my sinuses released and felt less pressurized (I actually felt this pretty clearly), and and that the pressure in my face and neck was lessened after using this yesterday. My eyes are also MUCH less bloodshot! I also felt this weird rush of warm blood feeling down the back of my neck after using it. I noticed that my shoulders were even, too, whereas normally I have one that is quite higher than the other. It’s another thing to add to the arsenal of things that helps, especially if you have suspicion that your cervical spine plays some part in this. I think it might cause some kind of structural displacement that makes Eagle Syndrome worse, but I’m guessing on that. I am sort of addicted to this thing. There are plenty of videos to demonstrate how its used. It’s $64 on amazon; I’m really happy with it. I do notice a difference in how intense my symptoms are after using it the first time. I wonder how it will affect things over time? :slight_smile:

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Hmmm!!! I wonder If I can use that with a my cervical fusion? I will have to ask. Thanks for posting Tee :-).

I wondered about using this with your fusion, too, BigsBug! And also for RB....with her cervical collar success, this might be a good thing for her to try. I can't use the collar that she suggested because of my pulsing neck pressure issue, but this is a good alternative for me, and I'm pretty excited about it! I feel less fatigue, and am able to sit here and watch some chemistry videos and not get brain fog.

After 3 days of using this, neck and face pressure is about 50% of what it was....I got to lower my incline when I sleep! Face and jaw not tingling when I lay on my back! I don't feel like my eustachian tubes are plugged up anymore. I think this thing is really helping a LOT. Sometimes I get headaches after using it...but they don't last (not like the ones I got before using it)...I think it's helping to hydrate the spaces between joints and the change gives a temporary headache. I have a lot more range of motion when looking far left and's very easy to do for some reason...It was hard to pull against the muscles and felt very difficult to do before. I will update later this week! :)