New ES surgeon (San Antonio, TX), experience with recent styloidectomy

This is interesting to note, @Isaiah_40_31 . I say that because there is a vertical line in my mouth where the nerve roots had died and needed to get a root canal on all four teeth. Is there ever a diagnostic test done to show what exact nerves are impacted by ES or is it all just a guessing game based on symptoms so to speak?

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@Larisam Thank you for the additional info. I somehow missed this post last week and just now reading it.

What an encouragement to hear he will go through the neck. I still have my tonsils and was going to tell him, I will only do this surgery through the neck.

He sounds like he is just the doctor for all of us with Eagles! So looking forward to hearing our success stories with Dr Hales and living a better life afterwards! Sounds like my rejection from UT Health was a blessing in disguise.


It is just a matter of going by what symptoms are evident to judge which nerves are affected yes, although in surgery surgeons should monitor the nerves to check they’re not being stressed.


By the way… you might be able to get an appointment with his PA a lot sooner than directly with him. However, this probably wouldn’t change the actual surgery date.

One other thing… Larisa was experiencing continuous pain and pressure in her glossopharyngeal/mandibular region and almost nothing helped, until one ENT (who still didn’t diagnose it) prescribed gabapentin. That brought it all down “within tolerable limits” and she still felt the symptoms and discomfort, but was able to get through the day, go to work, etc. So you might try that. Gabapentin seems to be pretty effective with nerve-based pain.