ES surgeons around San Antonio TX?

I’m new here, this is my first post. I’ve been struggling with symptoms for over a year, and a neurosurgeon looked at my CT and said my styloid was “huge” and everything points towards my having ES. This was after multiple ER admissions, 4 ENTs and a neurologist who found nothing. So far I can only locate one ENT in the San Antonio area with a record of treating ES, and I don’t want to work with him because of a negative experience I had a year ago related to another condition. The other possibility is a Dr. Nathan Hales, ENT. His nurse said he has “a lot” of experience with ES and has done the surgery many times. My appointment with him is still a couple of months out.
Does anybody know anything about this Dr. Hales? I can’t find anything online except just general patient reviews, although they tend to be very positive.
Meanwhile, the neurosurgeon (Dr. Bogaev, one of the top surgeons in Texas) says “I’ll do it myself if I have to.”
I can see from reading this forum that there are some doctors in Dallas and Houston that would be good, but it will be difficult leaving town for the surgery, not to mention expensive, as my insurance won’t cover an out-of-town doctor.
Glad to be here, thanks to everybody!

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Hi Larisam!

Welcome to our forum! One bit of encouragement I can give you regarding your neurosurgeon doing the surgery is that he likely does surgeries in the area where the styloids are located w/ some regularity, thus he is familiar w/ the “territory”. The downside is that he may not know to take the styloid back to the skull base & to remove the stylohyoid ligament if its at all calcified. These are details you would need to clarify w/ him if you do end up choosing him for surgery. It’s great that you’ve seen someone who has such a good reputation & who is also willing to work outside his normal scope of practice to help you.

I’m afraid we haven’t heard Dr. Hales’ name mentioned on here but would be excited if he’ll help you! Having a new name to add to our doctors list is always great! We have suggested questions to ask when you have your consult. We’ll be happy to share them prior to your appt so you can go in prepared.

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Welcome to the site! Can’t offer you any more advice other than seconding @Isaiah_40_31’s post, but hope that you can get some help soon, & great to hear of a doctor who’s willing to help & can make that diagnosis, unfortunately that’s pretty rare!

Hi. I am from Texas in the Dallas area. I haven’t heard of Dr. hale. I first saw a Dr Chan Levino in Dallas at UT SW after my neurologist diagnosed this originally and he referred me there. I ended up going to Denver for a 3rd opinion and really glad I did.