New Here! Does this fit Eagle Syndrome?


I had never heard of Eagles syndrome until last week. I mentioned something to an orthodontist thinking it was related to my TMJ and they started thinking it was Eagle Syndrome. I wasn’t too worried until I actually googled and saw the vascular risks and got concened.

Here is the basics of my symptoms. Day to day I have nothing. But since I was in college I have had these “episodes” where if I turn my neck just the wrong way, it feels like something is almost stuck on the left side. It feels like a tendon from my ear, down deep in the cheek and in jaw. Super painful to swallow. I used to wiggle my head around and eventually it would snap back. I learned once that couging fixes it immediately and just do that now.

So, I do not thankully live in chronic pain, but I do have this issue that occasionally happens. Does that sound like Eagle Syndrome? Should I be concerend about the vascular risks? Thanks!

Oh yes! Sounds Like Eagle Syndrome! you are very fortunate to not be a person who is not symptomatic all the time. I have Had both sides and am a Nurse- now suffering from regrowth on my right side. As far as vascular risk- i would suggest seeing an ENT and request a CT to request measurement of your styloids to know if yours could be coming in contact with your carotid artery or not.

There’s info about the common symptoms of ES in the Newbies Guide section, so you can see what fits- it doesn’t sound like you have vascular symptoms (that would be things like dizziness, pressure in your head, or fainting). A CT scan with contrast can show if there’s any vascular compression, although sometimes people only find they get symptoms when their head/ neck’s in a certain position, so it doesn’t always show… Not everyone gets vascular symptoms.
There’s also info about surgery, which is the only permanent treatment for ES- the surgery is not without risks, so it can be difficult to find doctors willing to operate. It’s a personal decision depending on how bad the symptoms are as to whether it’s worth having surgery or not, but there’s a list of doctors who are familiar with ES in the Doctors Info section.