"New Kid on the Block"

Check out our Home Page, & you will see a new category just beneath the Welcome category. It’s called 'WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER (WiTT). Ben’s Friends has recently partnered with WiTT which is a relatively new organization whose aim is to help people get the support they need when they are in the midst of a difficult health situation where help would be appreciated.

WiTT allows you to set up a chart of your needs & provide email addresses of family & friends who might be willing to help. They send your list to the emails you share with the expectation that the recipients will see your needs & pick the tasks they’re willing to help with. This way you don’t have to ask directly thus making your close acquaintances feel “put upon”. They can choose to help or not.

WiTT’s service is free of charge, & at the moment, is only available in the USA. Their plans for international expansion are already in the works.

Please check out WiTT. Even if you don’t need their service, you may know someone who does.