New member, surgery in september

@Isaiah_40_31 :pray:thank you
well you may be right there, I did have some issues with the lumbar disc bulges as well, but symptoms had resolved after some months of PT sessions
Maybe the couch angles are stirring things up again are contributing to that heel pain. I just feel it now when I wake from sleeping

@Jules :pray:thank you,yes I feel so fortunate for family, what a blessing they have all been.
my wife came out for the weekend , and recharged me with hugs and did some food prep❤️

So it’s the fifth day after surgery now and I have now slept up to five hours straight last night.( previously only 1-2 hours at a time) so I felt pretty rested today
Feeling pretty good over all.
The meds I have been taking every 5 hours and up till today that seemed to keep the pain tolerable, I forget and went into the six hour today, the pain ramped up for a bit and felt considerably heavy/irritated around the back of the head and ear area of the left side,
I made the mistake of trying to eat some cookies last night because I was feeling good, the chewing did not feel good at the jaw, or swallowing bites, so back to blended soft foods for now. lol
Ice bag has been good for relief and the stitch area is not as sensitive to touch, so just ice in a ziplock bag with paper towel is working well.
Doing about 10-20 min walks in the yard to keep me moving and that blood flowing, so far the squirrels are pretty amusing and make me laugh, I have seen a snake in the yard twice, the sky and mountains are just breathtaking
So far so good although I know it’s still soon
I do continue to have tinnitus all day, only varying in intensity
Head aches , after getting up a few times with whooshing in the ears , some imbalance but seams to go away after a minute or two ,
Had one blurry episode yesterday when tired about 30 mins
Some weird muscle spasms when I laugh is painful in the
Nothing major so I am happy with the progress :smiley: and hope full that that vein continues to open up and flow .

@CoHDa :pray: thank you ,
So sounds like your accent has resolved ? That would be great
I am just so exited to just heal already :joy:
I did finish that book you recommended. I liked it very much and thank you for the suggestion
What a on ordeal that man went trough. I really like his battery analogy, and this is very similar to what I experience on the daily when cognitively challenged, we will see what happens here as time goes on

I am exited to see what was removed and how much on the report as well as the flow from the venogram, if they ballooned the IJV during the process or not?

With what @stuuke is going through I am hopeful that Dr H was able to remove the styloid all the way to the base of the skull for enough clearance.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support and prayers
You guys are the best🤙

What about hot packs, would it also be recommended to use hot packs in between the cold packs? To help with blood flow and healing?
What about PT , is there a protocol for after ES surgery , or a best time to start ( one week or two weeks after?)


“complaint written in hieroglyphics.” Ha ha ha, that’s where I’m entering reading this thread today.

So much info and moral support here. I look forward to reading and studying this thread.

I’ve had voice problems since my first surgery with Dr Hepworth in May. In my second surgery next week he will do something to help this. Certainly I’ve had the cognitive speech and communication difficulties for a long time.

Dr Hepworth has said his aim is to “normalize brain metabolism “.


Only a guess but you’re still in the peak swelling stage so I wouldn’t try hot packs for a bit…and no physio for a few weeks at least I’d have thought, everything is still healing, I would ask Dr H & see what he says at your post-op appt.
Sounds like you’re doing really well so far! Take care :hugs: :pray:


Sounds good
I’ll keep up the protocol as suggested
And ask the doc on my first check up Thursday.


@mekanX You are so welcome! I’m glad the book recommendation was meaningful to you. That poor guy went through hell, and yet he still had the fortitude to document everything and then write a book about it. I’m so thankful he did, because I didn’t fully realize the extent of my own injury until reading about his and thinking to myself, “OMG I do thatl!!! Wait!!! That’s not normal???” And yes, the battery analogy helped me to better communicate to doctors what was going on cognitively.

Mercifully, the accent resolved. Thank the good Lord, because it was baaad. I’d open my mouth to speak to my students and would immediately choke like sometimes happens when a person gets hit with a strong gust of wind and they’re suddenly gasping to breathe. I thought I had laryngeal dystonia, like Senator Susan Collins from Maine, but that was ruled out by a doctor who specializes in caring for the voices of opera singers. The accent calmed down once I quit teaching and went on disability, so I guess giving my voice a rest was a big help.

All that aside, I’m glad your recovery is coming along nicely.


Awesome thanks @CoHDa
I am really sorry that your had to go through that as well. It was such a strange thing to accept, and the countless docs who dismissed it and said get used to it or the ohh it’s no that bad .lol
I am happy to hear that it has resolved for you :smiley:

@Violin hello there, yes I agree there is just so much positive support on this forum. It has really made the difference in my understanding and helped me to believe there is life to live on the other side of intervention. I am so sorry that you too have had speech and communication issues as well, it has been difficult to express this process/disfunction the right people for help,Well up to now anyway.
I am praying for you and your next procedure this coming week!!
wishing you the best outcome and a a complete resolution of symptoms.

It is now 12 days after surgery.

Dr Hepworth has taken the best care of me, and healing has been going well.

I had my one week follow up with stitches removal and no complications to speak of
My tinnitus has been extra loud bilaterally, since the day after surgery
I have had an increase in headaches, generating from getting up from sitting or swatting then up and little dizzy, but they soon go away.
The headaches have not been as bad now, 12 th day
I have been icing on and off through the day up to my 7th day
I used the norco for pain for the first 6 days every five hours
Then on 7th day I went 1 pill for ten hours.
On the 8th day I used extra strength Tylenol
And now on the 11 th and 12th no Tylenol needed yet.
Still resting and taking it easy

One thing to note is the possibility of blood clots,
I was directed to where compression socks at day of surgery, and I continued to were them till my one week check up, and on my flight home.
I did wake with a strange heel pain for the first couple of days and then developed some leg,calf cramps, but then I had increased my walking to about 20-30 min in the yard a bunch of times a day. And this has helped alot and I no longer have any sort of calf cramps or mystery heel pain.
As far as neck movement, it has been a little stiff and if I am in a position where I am laying back but trying to watch tv or read, the head down tilt, it becomes very stiff, and uncomfortable when straightening.
So I am still trying to avoid that type of posture, and have found that as has been suggested, sitting upright is the best position for me to rest. With pillow support for the head
I have been sleeping lying down flat since Friday night and have being sleeping very well and feel rested when waking.
I’ll post a pic of the scar later today. It looks to be healing well and a lot smaller than I had expected.
All in all I am very happy with the outcome and have a bunch of healing to go still.
With the support and prayers that I have received here , I am almost speechless. My heart is just filled with thanks and gratitude for all those who commented and who share their experience’s in this forum.
You folks are the absolute best :heart:


It’s so great to hear that you’re seeing decent improvement already, @mekanX. Really appreciate the update & look forward to the pic of your scar. Just know that regardless of what you think of it now, it will become nearly invisible over time.

Neck movement is good to help keep blood flowing (which helps healing) but as you’ve discovered, holding your neck in one position too long can make it more painful when you do finally move.

Your tinnitus should calm down as your swelling decreases. It can take a month or more for that to happen significantly. ES surgery is no joke as you know. I’ll continue to pray for excellent results from this surgery. :hugs:

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So pleased that you’re able to sleep laying flat, and that you’re happy with healing so far…hope that the tinnitus does settle soon. Glad that you’ve felt so well supported by everyone on here :hugs:


13 days post op

8 days with stitches removal

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WoW! Your incision recovered incredibly in just 5 days! At 3 weeks post op, mine looked like I had a caterpillar on my neck. :rofl: Fortunately my incisions have been nearly invisible since they healed completely.

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Looks like it’s healing really well! :+1:

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