Nightshades and soft tissue calcification

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome. Not long after I read about nightshades and the pain they can cause, which I also had. Loads of joint/back/clavicle pain. In reading about nightshades I came across the connection with the nightshades and how they cause calcification of soft tissue, which made me think of my styloid ligament calcification. I quit nightshades and have been nightshade free since. It is no easy task, as things like potato starch is hidden in SO many places (like shredded cheese. Who would have thought?!). But my efforts have been well worth the trouble, as my Eagle Syndrome symptoms disappeared within weeks/months, and I have no joint pain unless I accidentally ingest a nightshade. I haven’t had any x-rays to know if my styloid ligaments are still calcified, but I have no more symptoms. Please google “nightshades and calcification” to find more. I just came across a nice article that briefly discusses it here . But the most info I’ve found was in a book I read at my holistic dentist office “Pain Free in 6 Weeks” by Sherry Rogers. I purchased a copy at Amazon.
I hope this helps someone. I should have posted this years ago. I sincerely believe it kept me from developing the worst of ES and surgery.
Health and wellness to you all!


Hi silverkk,

Thank you for this information & the article link. I am a true believer in food as friend/enemy. There are often little cues our bodies give us which we should pay attention to when we eat things that don’t fully agree w/ us. I am interested in reading the book as I’ve wondered if I don’t have some reaction to nightshades myself (based on tongue reaction when I eat them).

I’m glad you found an avenue that saved you from having to go through ES surgery. That is fantastic news!

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