Not Diagnosed / Looking for symptom confirmation

Thank you! I finally had my baby on the 18th and thankfully have felt around 80% better. I still have some sort of swelling on the floor of my mouth and can feel the very uncomfortable poking feeling when I swallow although a lot better. Jaw pain is still there and some days causes pain in my teeth. Still very convinced it’s ES due to feeling it poke through below my jaw and also feeling pain and immediately going inside my mouth to the hard bony protrusion. Wondering which route would be my best bet to getting diagnosed. From my understanding I need a CT without contrast? But also curious as to which type of doctor would be my best bet considering I don’t want to get a run around (although I am sure I will). I don’t believe the ENT I saw a few times while pregnant has any idea really about ES and he seems to just think I’m a hypochondriac :roll_eyes:


Congratulations :hugs: :sparkling_heart: I hope you’re getting some sleep! Good that you’re feeling a bit better…You’re right that a CT without contrast (unless you had vascular symptoms in which case one with contrast is better) is the best scan to get diagnosed with. To save wasted time & travelling, we suggest that you see someone on our list who would be aware of ES, here’s a link:
Doctor Lists – no discussion - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
You can search for any doctors names in the past discussions to see who’s seen the different docs.
Best wishes & God bless you & your little one :bouquet:

Hooray! Congrats happy new mama!! I’m not surprised that your symptoms have lessened as hormonal influence can exacerbate symptoms of ES. Since your hormones are shifting around now, that may be part of the reason you feel a bit better.

Dr. Bunnell is a good choice in your state though I don’t know if he’s anywhere near you. He has a great reputation & has helped several of our members over the last couple of years.

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