Not sure if this is eagle? Nerve block?

So for the past 4 years I have felt as if something is stuck in my throat, only on the left hand side. At first I was afraid that I had throat cancer. I live in Ontario, so the wait time for a ct scan was almost 4 months. I drove to buffalo & paid for the mri myself. The results were sent back to my ent in Ontario. He told me that nothing was wrong and that I was making this up because something was missing in my life and needed attention???? I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of. He said he couldn't help me. I was referred by him to the only other ent in my city. He read the first report and agreed that there was nothing he could do for me. I was then referred to Hamilton ont to another ent. Again same thing after an mri (about 9 months later). After 2 years I was referred to a doctor in Toronto thinking that she would help me. She said it could be eagle syndrome and the styloid was calcified, but had never heard of another person having this cause the symptoms I have. A year later she did another ct scan and found I was allergic to the dye. So two doctors saying no to eagles and one saying maybe. I do have a very large tonsil pillar?? left from my tonsillectomy about 30 years ago. I really hurts to touch it, but for the past 6 months it is more my throat that hurts. On the left only and I can push on what feels like a hard lump and a thick hard band of ligament on the side of my neck under my jaw. It almost feels like it is burning. I have headaches, jaw pain and an earache as well. I can't find any doctors to deal with this. The best and only solution I have been offered is a nerve block in that area. Has anyone had this done before???

Hi stuckinthroat. It sure does sound like you could have Eagles. Did you have a CT scan or an MRI? From what I understand, Eagles doesn't usually show up on MRIs, but they do on a CT scan. If you're allergic to the dye, then I would imagine you shouldn't have it with contrast. Also, a lot of people said their Eagles could be seen on a good panoramic x-ray from their dentist office.

I believe there have been a number of people that had a nerve block, so maybe you can do a search for that. I don't think it's helped anyone long-term. To me it seems like you have to go to an ENT who has some Eagles experience. Did you see Emma's doctor list? There is a list of doctors who have performed surgery on at least one member of the forum. I don't know if there's anyone from your area there, but you could see if there's anyone in an area that you could travel to.

Thanks, I did just check that list & found a doctor in Toronto. I Here is hoping that I can get an appointment with this doctor on the list and maybe he can help.

Thank you.