Observation before Surgery

Have anyone taken flupentixol+Melitracen before surgery? One of my doctors gave me this and wanted to observe for 1 month. It doesn’t work for me. My styloid was poking my tonsil a lot and I had severe ear and throat pain. Than I changed doctor and decided to have a surgery.

Unfortunately surgery is the only ‘cure’ for ES, so if symptoms are bad then it’s really the only option.
I wasn’t familiar with the medication so have googled it- they seem to be the same thing, an anti-depressant so presumably prescribed to help with nerve pain? These medications can work quite well, but there are others which might help if you have nerve pain & you want something to help until you have surgery, like pregabalin, amitriptyline.
Amitriptyline helped with my pain quite well, so initially I decided not to have surgery, but then developed vascular symptoms too, so opted for surgery.