OCD change of plans

I’m a little ocd and Hepworths office staff are not as organized as I’d like them to be, seems like I can never get a hold of anyone and I’m just worried all the time that my insurance won’t go through or they will cancel on me, so I made an appointment with Dr Costantino in NY for a consultation April 4th possible surgery in June, his staff are much more helpful and way better organized and I feel much more confident, he also does vascular issues so I feel like that’s a much better fit, plus I have a friend I can visit with prior to surgery and he does consulting on line so less traveling back and forth for me, I think Hepworth is great and I’d love to see him but Constantino is also a wonderful surgeon so I feel I’d be in great hands, fingers crossed he will do my surgery


I’m glad that you’ve found things to be smoother with Dr C’s office now, they’re both good surgeons by the sound of it but the handling of appointments and notes etc has been so hard for quite a few members with both doctors. Good you can do an online appointment and it’ll be helpful to have a friend nearby when you can have surgery :hugs: