Pain Management While Waiting to See ENT

What helps with ES pain? I go to ENT Dec 10th. This pain is downright debilitating & this has completely devastated me to the point that I cannot even handle basic functions & have to have help. I cannot go anywhere as I cannot hold my head up for very long & the pain just tuns up 1000%. I am taking Tylenol & Ativan. It doesn’t do anything for me at this point.
Would love to know what medications may help just take the edge off. Thanks for reading & for any advice :blush:

So sorry that you’re in that much pain, it sounds grim…There are medications which can help with nerve pain- there’s info in the Newbies Guide Section- meds like Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, Carbamazepine. They’re anticonvulsants or antidepressants which are taken in low doses. They can take a little while to build up enough to help, & you might have to try a couple before you find one which helps.
Some ENTs will do a steroid/ lidocaine injection into the area, sometimes guided by ultrasound, which can help, but not always, & there’s a limit to how many times you can have it.
Otherwise muscle relaxants like Baclofen can help, some have found lidocaine patches work, or things like acupuncture does sometimes. Either heat or cold can help a bit too.
If you have trouble sleeping, trying sleeping semi upright with a wedge pillow can sometimes help too.
Hope you can find things to help you, sending you a hug :hugs:


Hi Jules. Thank you for your response & suggestions. I do heat/cold. Voltaren Rub, BioFreeze, Tylenol, Ativan. I have a TENS Unit. I have a bed that has to where I can raise the head so I do that. Sleep pretty much upright. I woke up this am in more than the usual pain, like something has moved & is making thing’s worse. I will as my PCP or ENT for something for nerve pain.
I really hope I can try one of those shots. I do not expect tobe totally pain free but just enough relief to where I can at least sit up & walk around. Thanks again for this! :rose:


Has your ENT diagnosed you with ES? Are they on our list of doctors familiar with ES? Just wondering if not, it might be worth contacting the office before your appt to see if they are, many doctors don’t know much if anything about ES & members have had wasted trips…

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You might consider consulting a pain specialist. They should be able to familiarize you with multiple options. I don’t think Ultram has been mentioned, or medical marijuana if you’re in a legal state.


Im not sure a tens unit will be helpful if you are in that much pain. It may aggravate it.
I personally get steroid injections, nerve blocks and botox by a neurologist who specializes in these kind of injections. Look for one with a migraine specialty and uses botox.
All the other suggestions are good but given how hard it is to get in to see anyone quickly, I suggest getting a round of oral steroids. I did that that the first time I had a major pain flair and it knocked it back within 24 hours. I was given dexamethazone. Its pretty effective. Ask your ENT at your appt about it.


I know this is an weird suggestion, but I found that salonpas Amazon works a little. I cut the strips in half long ways and put them behind my ear and down my jawline. It takes the nerve pain from a 8 to maybe a 5 for me for a few hours. I can’t take the nsaids because they hurt my stomach and the nerve meds give me horrible brain fog so this is my crazy solution until surgery. The wedge pillow and cold that Jules suggested also works well for me. Hope that helps.


Thank you! :rose: