Pain relief

So I’m set for surgery November 3rd & am getting more excited and less afraid. Since the consultation 2 weeks ago, I am in more pain than ever and I am assuming it’s due to both the surgeon and his assistant feeling/moving the bone in my throat and moving the hyoid bone. It didn’t hurt before from talking but now even slightly raising my voice makes my jaw rage, my ear throb, & my neck just ache really bad all day. What are some suggestions for pain relief? I eat Advil as much as I can, I have tried mobic, prednisone, & valium at night as a muscle relaxant. All prescribed by the 1st ent and my gp. The only relief that worked was when my mother in law gave me a few loretab (sp?) last week.( I have also been trying heat and ice but can’t tell any difference.) For whatever reason, my gp nor the ent will prescribe pain medicine though. I have children and responsibilities and have to get through each day until surgery. Any recommendations welcome and thank you so much in advance.

I’m in the same situation hurts to move my neck even eating is pain full. I’ve been using icy hot on my neck and by my ear. Also ask your ent if you should be taking the Advil mine told me not too because its a blood thinner. I pray your surgery goes well.

Thank you hazeleyes, I hope yours goes well too. Question - why would blood thinning be a problem?

You don’t want to be in a blood thinner prior to a surgery…increases bleeding.

Well, I have instructions not to take them one week before but am still 2 weeks out. I just didn’t know if there was a reason you shouldn’t take it in general in relation to having ES.

Actually, I just reread my surgery instructions and it says 2 weeks. Thank you guys!

That’s good have you had your pre op appt yet.

Because I am traveling, my pre op is 3 hours before surgery. They are supposed to call me this week to let me know if they will remove just the styloid or the ligament too. I had my 3d scan last Tuesday and I am very anxious to know what the results are. Especially since the visit where they touched the bone. Since then I have been having symptoms on the right as well.

Hazeleyes, what is your procedure exactly? Are they removing the whole styloid or partial? And your ligament too?

The styloid is 6cm on my left they plan on trying to remove it all. The arteries are inflamed around it.I have my pre op appt on the 28th. So I will know more then I hope.

I hope you are able to get more answers then. Do you experience pain in the back of your neck? Some days it feels okay and others it feels like I have been pulling a plow through a field all day. I am still waiting for them to let me know if the ligament will be removed as well. With all the pain I am now having on the right side I have been looking at my xray again and it seems the styloid is very long on the left and the ligament is calcified on the right. Last night I had my head turned left (as much as it can turn anyway) and swallowed and couldn’t swallow like something was blocking it and when I straightened it I could then swallow but the front of my throat and back of my neck hurt for a few hours afterward which seems to confirm my theory that the ligament is calcified on the right. Ugh. So many questions. I can’t make arrangements for how long to stay in Atlanta until I know the procedure. The surgeon said it would be outpatient but to remain close to hospital in case there were any post surgery complications. 2 weeks from today we will both be in surgery.

I spoke to the surgeon’s assistant today and she said I have incomplete ossification of both sides. Looks like they will be doing internal on both and she promised to call back and let me know if they would do the ligament too. Nervous is an understatement. I hope all goes well with your surgery hazel eyes.

Yes I have pain in the back of my neck it sucks. Soon enough we will hopefully have relief from all this. I have it in both sides but my doc says the left is real bad the right is 4.5 cm so its not as long I’m sure eventually I will have the right side done . I keep asking the doc how did I get this and he doesn’t know.

Have you had head trauma or the removal of your tonsils? (I had mine out at 13 & a concussion from a car wreck at 18) - I really feel like there is an underlying condition that we all have and one day when proper research is done we will find that out.