Pain with leaning and Doctor in Nebraska?


Is pain and strange feelings when you lean from side to side common with ES?

So many querstionss… just got homw and I am about dying from pain when I turn my head… Thinking about just going to the hospital… scary feeling of intense pain.

Called my ENT… He does not do this kind of surgery but has two doctors that do treat it in Arizona but I was told they are not taking new patients.

So frustrated.

I have a doctor that can get me in today but it is over an hour drive and do not know it I can handle it quite frankly… He does not do telemed.

I was going to move to Nebraska before all these worsening symptoms started. Does anyone have recent info on the doctor that is listed in the Doctors list for Omaha Nebraska??

I read some past posts but they indicated conflicting info about weather they are treating doctors/surgeos or just able to diagnosed… any help would be greatly appreciated…

I also left message with my ent to check out the ct of temporal bones I had in august… nurse is supposed to call me back.
Would CT with contrast work better for this or does it matter?

Thank you,


Hi Goose,
I have just reached out to Drs. in Omaha NE.
They have a very efficient and helpful New Patient Coordinator named Lacy.
2 docs that work together:
Dr. Andrew Coughlin & Dr. Andrew Holcomb
They have patients from all over the country.
As far as your pain, if it’s that bad I would not hesitate to head to Urgent Care or ER.
I use heat/ ice and have noticed sometimes one over the other provides relief.
Sending hope for pain relief for you tonight.


This is great information. Thank you so much… I appreciate it.

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Do you know if these two specialists perform the ES surgeries and stent placement procedures? .
I am no diagnosed, but have high suspicion this is vascular…

Thank you!

Yes, I sure hope so.
Lacy told me they both work together and after reading their profiles I feel confident.
I have bilateral elongated styloids and ICA compression on the R side with calcified stylohyoid ligament involvement.
I’m ready to finally see a dr that knows what ES is!!

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Hi Goose,
We’re you successful in reaching Dr. Coughlin or Lacy?

I haven’t tried yet. I found a new neurologist in my area who is ordering some imaging to get a better look at my styloid process. Apparently there are a couple of doctors in Arizona that do these types of surgeries but I’m not sure if it’s what I’m going to need or not. There has got to be some kind of vascular impingement… As I write this, I am in a lot of pain. It gets so much worse when I lay down and then tonight it’s just rages. What I find so frustrating is that I have been dealing with this every day at some level for the last almost 3 1/2 years… No one has ever brought up eagle syndrome. My pulsatile tinnitus should have been a clear indicator that some further work up needed to be done… Anyway back to the doctors… My new neurologist said to wait a while before I leave the state… Otherwise, I will most likely go to Nebraska. I was thinking about moving to Colorado so that I could be a candidate with Dr. Hepworth but I think the elevation there what do you mean more damage than good.
Have you had a diagnosis and or any surgeries or treatments yet?
I did have one doctor he was an oral facial pain specialist… The university that he works for has discontinued his practice… Oral facial pain and sleep studies… It blows my mind how insurance and universities just minimize the pain people have with oral facial pain…
Anyway, would like to hear about your journey and how you ended up on this forum.

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