Periosteum of Styloids

I wonder if anyone knows what the above is all about? Someone I know with eagles said that her doctor is planning to remove the styloids but leave the ligaments. This sounded odd to me so I questioned her and said if they removed the styloids, want the ligaments be gone? She told me that her doctor removes the periosteum of the styloid by opening it up and leaving the ligament. Does Dr Constantino do this this way or do all the doctors do this this way? I’m just trying to get all the information I can before tomorrow so I can make right decisions and asked right questions.

From my understanding the periosteum is the vascular structure/ membrane around the styloid, so this would have to be stripped for the styloid to be removed…the ligaments also have to be stripped, if they’re calcified they should be removed as well, but if they’re not calcified they can be left in.

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So then do they take the bone out and they leave the periosteum is what you’re saying? So any doctor would do it that way it’s not something special that that particular doctor is doing?

What you said is correct, @GodisAWESOME.

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