Possibilty of stroke

Since I have head pains also I suspect vascular involvement from ES. How likely is is the possibility of a stroke? Worried!

That’s the only article I could find and I didn’t read the whole thing. From the abstract and intro though, it sounds as though stroke risk is rare, but dependent on what vessels are involved and how much/how often they are compressed. In my case drs were worried because I am a figure skater and therefore turning my head more than the average individual.
Do you have a specialist or other doctor you can speak with? They may be better able to answer your questions and allay any fears.

Strokes with ES are very, very rare. I can only think of 2 members who’ve had a stroke with ES in the 5+ years I’ve been on the forum, so I hope that reassures you a bit!
Here’s a link the the info in the Newbies Guide Section covering strokes:

There’s info & links to research papers on there as well as anharris’ helpful info.

Thanks Jules! I appreciate your replies. I just feel so low. My family had a very bad trauma this year and it put me in a state of fear. The head pains have been bad today and over the counter meds do not do anything. I will keep pushing through thanks again


One of our members w/ vascular symptoms got 80% relief from starting on a blood thinner which her doctor prescribed. Alternatively, aspirin is a natural blood thinner. The low dose variety - 81-83mg (1 per day) works as a blood thinner & analgesic & won’t have the potential side effects of a prescription. Another option is high quality fish oil capsules such as Integrative Therapeutics Omega Ultra HP which gives you a substantial dose of omega 3 fatty acid & acts as a blood thinner. It would be best to talk to your doctor before starting something new even if it is OTC.


Thank you so much I will ask my Dr. about that.

Hi @Chasingophelia sorry you’re having such bad headaches I can definitely relate. Plavix blood thinner has helped me a lot though I do occasionally still have pain flares and headaches, and I usually take tramadol pain pills when it’s really bad. Sometimes Tylenol is enough. My doctor also had me try regular dosage of aleve before I was on the Plavix as it thins the blood some, you could try that if you haven’t already!


Thank you Blossom! I will try that!

@Jules I’ve had a stroke from ES :cry:

So sorry, it is very rare, but no consolation to you…how are you now?

Hi Tanyag,

I’m also sorry to hear about this. As Jules said, it’s very rare. Have you found anyone to do ES surgery for you? If not, we do have one doctor listed for your province. Please let us know if there is some way we can support you.

Dr Don Anderson - 3030 Lincoln Ave Unit 212, Coquitlam, BC V3B 6B4, Canada
1 604-941-9191

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@Tanyag Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your stroke. This is so very rare in ES and it is horrible that you were in this percentage. Are you doing OK now?

hi, @Tanyag I had two strokes last year and I believe they were caused by ES. What did your treatment look like?