Venous Stroke

Hi there,

Has anyone heard of a Venous stroke? I am told they are quite rare but am still worried I am going to have one of these strokes as I have had vascular ES. I have had my right styloid removed but still need to get the left side done. Because I am still having symptoms I am being hyper vigilant.



We have had a couple of members who believe their stroke was caused by vascular ES. I’d always presumed that it was arterial, just because that’s more common and the one you always think of, but it is possible to have a venous stroke. I guess all you can do is be vigilant, as you say you’re doing, and be aware of any worsening symptoms. Would it be worth speaking to your doctor about going on aspirin for a bit?
Hope that you don’t have to wait for too long for the second op…

I’m new to this forum/ site and don’t have access to further medical care. I believe I’ve had a TIA left side. I had an increase in inflammation due to talking and added stress. I just don’t turn my head or look down unnecessarily…drink lots of water too.

Since TIAs are “strokelets”, what Jules suggested above would be a help to you - aspirin acts as a natural & inexpensive blood thinner. It would be worth a try unless you have other bleeding problems or stomach problems that prevent you from using a blood thinner, BUT FIRST consult a doctor. Try an urgent care clinic if you don’t have your own doctor. My doctor told me years ago to start taking an aspirin a day (83 mg tablet or “baby aspirin”) to help prevent blood clots. I did it for awhile but found I started bruising very easily so I quit.