Possible IJV Compression


I am curious to know whether anyone else is struggling with similar symptoms and whether they could relate to IJV compression.

Derealization - everything looks unreal/distant/dreamlike/tunnel vision

Visual snow - flickering light/fuzzy static

Double/blurred vision- even though eye tests clear

Dizziness like a rocking boat and sometimes blacking out (everything goes white, but don’t realise what’s going on until come back round)

Everything seems too bright

I have other symptoms such as jaw/neck pain, croaky throat, etc, but the visual stuff is what’s left me completely housebound now, as I feel so distressed by.

Imagines for opinions… I haven’t seen a specialist yet to confirm and am looking at a CT with contrast this week. I see Hughes at the end of the month and am worried he might not operate.

Goodness, those styloids are HUGE :scream: We have seen some long ones here but yours are pretty thick looking too… I can’t imagine he’ll not think they’re an issue…
Blacking out is more common with carotid compression, but the rocking boat sensation is often more of a jugular vein compression, but with those tusks in your neck perhaps both are affected!
I had IJV compression & felt like I was drunk alot of the time, so off-balance, had to really concentrate to be able to follow conversations etc, brain fog, head and ear pressure, as well as full blown dizziness sometimes. It’s good that your eye tests were clear, I presume they tested the pressure in the eye & looked at the back of the eye to check the optic nerve?
I’m glad that you’re seeing Mr Hughes soon :hugs:

Thanks for replying!

They’re apparently 4.6cm so on the larger side of what I’ve heard people talk about, but not the biggest!

These tusks have ruined my life, if he doesn’t offer I’ll be hysterical!

I should’ve asked in my post whether people have had their visual issues resolved. I’m so desperate. I feel like I’m technically disabled by all this now. First I gave up driving and only going out when I had to, but now I can’t leave the house. I only found I even had them by chance.

@BabzieAM - Visual changes seem to be one of the symptoms that does recover well post op.

Your styloids are crazy long & thick! The measurements taken from a CT scan are often shorter than the actual styloid lengths. Some doctors have been surprised about how much longer they are than was expected once they can see them in real time during surgery.

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