Post-op picture

This my post-op pic of 1.5 weeks done by Dr Samji
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ES and TOS what a small world it is with the Internet. So glad you had such great results. How long ago did you have your decompression surgery? Rest and let everyone spoil you for a bit.

Yay!!! You are healing really well!! He did a great job!! :)

Thanks my ES friends!!
I had decompression surgery, 2 neck muscles (scalenes) & 1st rib removed 6/2009. Then I pec minor release 9/09. I feel my pain symptoms might have been from the styloids and not from TOS or pec minor syndrome. I am so thankful I was able to find this group!

This group is amazing and a blessing.

Looking good. I have problems with my scalenes and 1st rib also. I really think it is the left styloid that is causing it and I want to have surgery o it next year. So glad you are doing so well.