Post-Surgery Swallowing Issues

Hello Everyone,

I had external ES surgery about 3 weeks ago on my right side. My styloid measure approx. 4.8 cm and was felt behind my right tonsil going down into my throat. It was close to touching my hyoid bone. The surgeon removed over 4 cm in one piece. Currently, I am finding that my swallowing is strained, especially when I am moving my neck around. There is a pulling sensation at the back of my throat that is very uncomfortable. Prior to surgery my swallowing was effortless and was never an issue for me. I was told at my two week follow up that there is still some swelling in my throat. It is now three weeks and I still do not feel much better. I would like to know if anyone had swallowing issues after an external surgery. If so, did it resolve? How long did it take to resolve?

Any feedback that you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond…

I have no threathment yet but one of the doctor said the scar tissue may be a problem after the surgery. Not the scar on the skin, it’s scar inside. Because it needs time.
It is just my thought did not know bc had no surgery yet. Just ask your doc next time.

Hope, I've had several external surgeries and didn't experience the swallowing issue. But I would also think that it's swelling and trauma from the surgery and might take a while to heal. I know several people have mentioned that it took them a couple months to get back to normal, so i don't think 3 weeks out of surgery is enough time to judge. You're still in the healing stages. If the doctor didn't seem worried when he saw it a week ago, I think that's a good sign. If it was something out of the ordinary, I think he would have been concerned.

Thank you Teo and Heidemt for responding.