Post surgical

2 and half weeks post op…had to go back to work 1 week post op due to too much sick time I had taken before the surgery from the eagles syndrome symptoms. I had external surgery with a absolutely wonderful surgeon in Cleveland Ohio. She holds three surgical degrees…head and neck, maxillofacial and vascular surgeon. She took my entire left styloid all the way to skull base. I really believe that going back to work was the greatest post op treatment…although quite tiring. I cannot take narcotics due to multiple allergies. One of the few narcotics I am not allergic to is norco, although prescribed I did not take it…just used extra strength Tylenol and Advil for first week. Prior to surgery I was on 10 mg flexeril one at bedtime and 1 mg of clonozepam at bed time for muscle spasm and nerve pain. I continued these two meds and still do. For all post op people out there if you can take extremely good care ( this means no caffeine, no nicotine, whole foods diet, lots of spring water and good multivitamins containing proper portioned calium, d, manganese, zinc and magnesium) it speeds recovery. I by no means am an authority on eagles syndrome but I am an authority from first hand experience on how chronic pain can destroy many aspects of your life. There is a way to beat it and not every answer comes in the form of a pill. It must be a multi disciplinary approach and lots of faith. I work in the medical field at a cancer center and seeing worst case scenarios has made me realize how blessed I truly am. Eagles syndrome is correctable with success in the hands of a knowledgeable physician. My doctor advised me before surgery that it can take up to 6 months to see the full effect of the styloid removal…which does not seem so bad considering I have lived with this condition ten plus years before being properly diagnosed. A few other things that have helped me is topical baclofen(pills made me way too sleepy) and voltaren topical gel ( this is an anti inflammatory )… But most of all the strong will to live a pain free life and the desire to participate in life as I had missed so much of it in ten years before diagnoses. I have also learned much from my pain…number one is pain does demand to be heard, number two pain is a cycle that can be broken and last but not least life is not only a journey but a journey with a destination.

Gia, how are you doing now? I hope you're healing well.

Who is your doctor?

Thanks for sharing your experience; it's really encouraging to those of us thinking of having an operation. Hope your recovery continues well,

God Bless x

Thank you for sharing your story, it is encouraging, and very helpful. God speed on your recovery.

Sending you healing light~

Gia: glad you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your story. Could you share your Cleveland Clinic physician name please? Thanks. Continued healing to you!

Gia, it was so uplifting to read your blog or post. I had my lower portion of my ® Styloid removed on November 14th 2014. I saw a Doctor over in Columbus, Ohio. My Styloids were bilateral meeting at the hyoid bone. I was worried that the Doctor didn’t take the Styloid all the way down to the small process it’s supposed to be? So I’m still have pretty much all the symptoms prior to surgery and am very discouraged. I have crippling Daily Migraines, tinnitus,awful earaches, ect… At least I can open my mouth a bit more and I can chew and eat more solid food now. Swallowing also has improved. I shall try some of your other suggestions! They are sound and worth pursuing. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Please don't be discouraged. Many of us Crystal have been discouraged. We to like you have this pain. That is why we have this group. Less than 1 % of the people in the world have this. It is rare and that is why it is hard to find real answers. I to have crippling earaches and sharp shooting pains. I am having Feb 5th a typmpanic neurectomy. If this does not work a perfectly healthy person like myself is going downhill fast. My Blood pressure goes sky high since this pain has gotten worse. You can and will have my support.