Question regarding ES symptoms and diagnosisi

I have 5.5 right and 6.5 left styloid calcification. I have had very erratic blood pressure readings, heart flutters or constant hard beat in neck and temples. They keep telling me that this Eagles syndrome would not be related. I have severe involuntary Sternocleidomastoid twitching at night as soon as I lay my head on a pillow. This twitching is constant all night long until I get out of bed. Severe neck discomfort all the time. Wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms that have been proven to be from ES. All general doctors keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my heart. They seem to dismiss all my symptoms as I am crazy. It is very real to me and getting worse by the year. I have been suffering for many years with this, and would love to find answers. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The styloid processes can irritate the vagus nerve- we’ve seen quite a few members who have had difficulties like heart arrhythmias, the vagus nerve can cause that. Here’s a link to a mention in another discussions;

And quite a few members have had issues with their SCM muscle, here’s a link to one discussion:

It might be worth trying to sleep semi-upright if you don’t already, it could take the pressure off the nerves enough to help/
There’s lots of info about vascular ES in the Newbies Guide section if you think that you have this- I used to get the heart beat feeling in my neck, I had jugular compression. You might find that there’s other vascular symptoms which you have & didn’t realise.
We do suggest that if you can to take copies of research papers which support your symptoms with you to appts & sometimes the doctors will listen. Have you looked at the doctors list in the Doctors Info section to see if there’s anyone with more experience you could be referred to, or any new doctors on the list?

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Definite SCM issues! I would say mine either spasms or just stays solid as a rock. It causes awful ear and neck pain.

Lately I have been having a very rapid heart rate, it is scary and doctors tell me it is anxiety. I have both anxiety and rapid heart rate and I can tell the difference.

I was written off for years. One pain doctor actually raised his voice at me and said “There is nothing wrong with you!” (He slammed his hand on his desk). I asked him to review my file a bit more. He lost his temper and said “You need to see a psychiatrist!” and stomped out of the room.

I didn’t even have a chance to tell him that I already had a psychiatrist who was trying to help me have physicians take me seriously.


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This is truly sad that medical care can be wrong all the time and we still have to pay all the bills for nothing. Very very frustrating. If I bought a brand new car and it did not work I can get a refund, but with doctors there is no accountability. So messed up. This is why it never improves. Very hard to find good doctors. My whole head jerks when I put pressure on it, yet they keep insisting that I have Tourette Syndrome. They are so wrong, and I know it is from a nerve under constriction. I know nothing according to them.

I really feel for you. You are not alone. I have no savings anymore and am in debt because the only doctors who really help me don’t take my insurance. I am going to have to wait until October to see my neurologist!

If you can go anywhere else for help, please do!

I guess this is why doctors “practice” medicine. :blush:



Hi Meman,

Have you contacted Dr. Nalwa? He did ES surgery on one of our members not too long ago. If you haven’t had a consult w/ him, it would be worthwhile.

•Dr. S Nalwa, 512 S 28th Ave, Wausau, WI 54401, (715) 847-202,

Sorry to know about your SCM, Gwendolyn! That big ol’ muscle can cause us a world of hurt when it’s not happy. Try ice &/or heat & gentle massage w/ your fingers to see if you can help it relax when it gets tight. Also tipping your head sideways toward the side where SCM is tight then holding that position for a few min. can help take strain off of it & help it relax some. Put your fingers on it so you can feel how much of a tilt you need to take the tension out of the muscle.

My SCM was involved in the Eagles big time on the left so was the digastric muscle. I am not sure what exactly, but my surgeon had to make cuts in the muscles to remove the calcified stylohyoid. When the SCM is compressed, it affects the neck and shoulder, because it cannot do its job properly. Eagles syndrome affects many nerves and muscles, way more than doctors realize. Hope you get the right doctor soon.



How are you doing? Any updates?

Just want you to know I’m thinking about you!


Interesting info, Emma. I’ve had intermittent swallowing issues since I had ES surgery & recently found out from my chiropractor that my digastric muscles are very tight. After he did some massage, my choking when drinking completely stopped. I learned something new about my body!

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