Reaching Out

So much uncertainty right now about so many things. If some could please join me in prayers to settle my mind. I pray that all of those on this healing journey find answers and peace. That they “feel” that we are out here and care. I am on the road to recovery and am grateful, but life’s stresses are weighing heavy on me. Prayers of peace.


Yes, I pray that those seeking a diagnosis & treatment would get the answers they need; that those who are waiting for surgery would be able to rest in this time, & that those who’ve had surgery would heal swiftly. I’m praying for us all to keep safe & keep strong in this difficult time, & I pray for peace for you shayney.


Praying with you both.


I am feeling less anxious today. I think sometimes just sharing my worries helps to lessen them. Thank you for your prayers and I am paying them forward for sure.


Hi shayney,

I will also join in these prayers for you & our other members & even those we don’t know. I’m glad you feel less anxious today. Anxiety is hard to combat, but I believe in a God who is Sovereign over all things even corona virus. This faith keeps me calm. He is not just watching the world go by but is actively involved. Many might dispute that right now, but the Bible does say,“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the LORD.” We cannot fathom His purpose for this time, but there are good things that are coming out of it.


Reaching out once more for prayers and positive vibes today. Personal issue being resolved today that weighs heavy on my heart. Please join me in praying that a positive resolution is reached.
Eagle’s symptoms certainly go wild when I’m stressed.
Hugs to everyone on this journey.

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:pray:for you shayney, hope the situation gets resolved smoothly. Take care & hugs…

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Hi Shayney,

I’m so sorry I missed this post. I will be praying that the resolution to the situation is for the long term so you can feel peaceful going forward. Stress is definitely an ES symptom igniter.


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Unfortunately, it did not end well at all. I have to believe there must be a reason or plan I’m just not privy to. Thank you for your kindness.

I’m so sorry to know that the situation isn’t resolved. If it’s any consolation, I’m on the outs w/ a friend of 10 years. I understand how frustrating & heart-rending these things can be. God’s work & time can be great healers. I always look at these things from the perspective that there’s something I (& maybe the other person) need to learn from the situation. Sometimes all ends well, & sometimes I feel God asking me to move on because continuing the relationship is no longer beneficial for either of us. The latter is a hard verdict to hear because my heartstrings get tightly wound around my friends. Cutting those is so difficult.
I will continue to pray for you as the Lord leads. :hugs:


Thinking of you, so sorry that this hasn’t been resolved how you wanted it to, but glad that you can see there may be a plan behind this… :hugs: :bouquet:

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Hi Hadassa,

Did your pokey feeling go away right after your surgery? Or did it take weeks or months to fade away? I’m 3.5 weeks post op but that feeling is definitely still there. Trying to be patient and optimistic!

Take care,


Ashnwest, I’m not sure if it was instant because there was so much trauma in my whole neck. This surgery is so complex and when someone messes with the inside of your throat, it is trauma. Because many of us with ES have lived with allot of fear, any new sensation like the poking can sometimes make your feel like maybe the surgery didn’t work???

The only way I got through this was by taking it one day at a time, allot of crying and sadness and praying to God that He would release me from the torment! Sometimes all I could do was take it one minute at a time…but, I was finally able to leave the fear behind and recognize that the poking was eventually going to go away, and it did. I guess it took about 3 months for me.

Stay close to God and petition Him constantly for complete healing. It’s not easy but, He will answer. I had a husband who was gone all day and two sons who were in school so, the enemy had plenty of time to torment me. I was at home trying to recover by myself. I would call my friend and she would pray for me but, sometimes that wasn’t enough. When I told her that maybe I had made a mistake by having the surgery, she wasn’t having any of it!

She came over with 2 other of my friends and they all took Anoiting oil and prayed over me, inside my home, where I slept in the living room (I slept sitting up because that’s the only way I felt I could sleep…I listened to healing tapes and the last thing she did was open my kitchen door and tell that tormenting/lying spirit to get out of my dwelling place and then she slammed the door! I think she had a broom with her and did a sweeping motion.

THIS IS how it happened for me. From then on, I felt like I could fight on and be encouraged. I am not a religious person but, I knew that there is power in prayer plus I had girlfriends that loved me enough to do battle for me because I was weak. I don’t understand why doctors do one styloid at a time? If a patient is suffering, get it done!

After I felt better, I remember my husband saying that he wanted to get me out of the house so, we went to a burger place and I didn’t even know if I could eat anything??? Before I had the surgery, I was down to eating just baby food, mashed potatoes, soft foods. Everything would get stuck in my throat and that poking sensation would be there on top of everything.

I ordered a child’s burger and I started to chew it and then…I swallowed and it went down smoothly and it didn’t get stuck and no poking. I was in tears! My husband was worried that maybe something had happened??? He asked me, “Why are you crying, are you okay?” I told him it had been so long that I had not been able to enjoy eating something that didn’t hurt me…

I want to encourage you in this journey…don’t give up! I’m nobody special that God had to heal. I just cried out and cried out to Him for everything I needed and He had mercy and compassion on me because I let Him know that my faith was not in the doctors but, in Him and Him alone.

Let us know how you are doing. Jules, Isaiah_40_31 and so many others who have had ES are here to encourage you and we want to help as much as we can. I don’t know allot of the medical or technical things that are discussed but, I certainly can encourage those of you who are still in the trenches dealing with the daily battle.