Even though I have had my surgeries, I am still involved with Eagles. I believe it is not an isolated condition. I just checked out 'first bite'. I had pain after my first surgery. My dr. said it was often part of the after effects and that it would go away with use; if it didn't, that was different and rare. My SCDS surgeon said to chew gum as it would stretch the muscles up the side of the head which are connected, of course. I had SCDS surgery six months prior to my first Eagles.

]Everything is connected (remember the old song?).

I just googled first bite syndrome and a large number of pages came up. The one with the most information was the gov. one First bite took me to a research page involving dentistry as well as the Eagles.

I have had so many major surgeries, that if I didn't have some kind of residual for a time afterwards I would wonder if anything was done.

But I am still free from the Eagles pain and will work to stay that way.

As well as the insanity that I had with SCDS.

Next stop cataract surgery this week.