Serious question about multiple personality "disorder"

A very serious question to those with vascular involvement: don’t you sometimes feel as if you were switching between two or more “personalities”, e.g. sometimes you can vividly remember some but not other events, memories, and sometimes the others? Sometimes you wake up and it feels like continuation of some quite old day?


I know depersonalization and De Javu can be felt at times with vascular Eagle along with memory lapses and insomnia. Not sure if I ever felt multiple personalities though.


Friday I had extremely strange feeling all the day, every moment that it was Saturday, even when looking at the calendar, watch, mobile phone, and seeing that it is Friday. And one specific Saturday from the past, replaying like in the Groundhog Day. Then, there were quite a few times when I would wake up after a nap or in the morning with irresistible feeling that I am in places from about ten years ago.

Re multiple personalities… Sometimes I wake up and remember things that I usually don’t remember, but totally can’t remember others. As if something has switched some of my memory banks in my head. I’d speculate it’s due to the changed blood flow/amounts when new collaterals form/collapse in the neck and significantly change bloodflow ratio between the L and R sinuses…


The only thing that replays A LOT in mind early in the morning is a song or something I listened to earlier that day. I found this replaying of Songs somewhat concerning as it happens way too often so could be related but can’t prove it.

BTW, these symptoms of De Javu, Depersonalization, Previous scenes replaying could be attributed to some kind of a mild Seizure. At least those symptoms are at times caused by seizure or some drugs from what I have read. So blood circulation disruptions could in theory cause seizure like symptoms but hard to prove.


I can’t speak to your situation, but in my case there is definitely a lot of chronic stress and anxiety involved with this condition. I was never an anxious person before, but it absolutely has affected many aspects of my cognition, memory, and occasionally manifests itself in physical ways as well. I don’t doubt that vascular ES can cause lots of extremely strange and seemingly disconnected phenomena, but there is also the possibility that some of the cognitive issues have a psychological rather than physiological etiology. I fully expect to have some degree of PTSD once I’m finally treated, but it’s just not something I can start dealing with until I’ve had the operation.


Déjà vu French ?

Oui it is, @Aboulog1. Déjà vu is a French loanword expressing the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.

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@Aboulog1 there you have it from @Isaiah_40_31.

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Merci beaucoup @Isaiah_40_31 …the question mark was not requesting info…I already knew that. I speak French… and my name is French :slight_smile: I thought @KoolDude from Toronto/Canada spoke French… :slight_smile:

lol @Aboulog1 After failing multiple times on French classes, I dropped out :smiley: Well you are right we are officially a bilingual country but French is only mandatory if you want to hold a position on the Federal Government otherwise it is optional. Also, if you live in province of Quebec, you need to speak French.

@Aboulog1 ~ I figured as much but decided to be a bit cocky & put the info out there in case anyone needed to know. I took 2 yrs of French in one school year in high school. Because I’d had 4 yrs of Latin, it was fairly straight forward learning basic French. However, knowing the words & pronouncing them so someone fluent in French could understand what I saying, was another whole “ball game”. I embarrassed myself more than once when I tried. Now that I’m approaching 50 years post high school graduation, I don’t remember much at all…Use it or lose it, as they say!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

@vdm That’s a very accurate description. I think of it as being on a standby mode while still functioning. As kooldude said, it feels depersonalizing. It’s not as much about another personality for me rather like being external to the moment. Though I would describe the memory aspect as, when trying to think or recall, it’s like I’m sifting through an unorganized stack of thoughts or memories, some of which my not be taken by me. Reading the description sounds ridiculous to me and I feel it so hopefully it’s clear what I’m conveying.


A quote from the Eagle’s FB group about rotated C1/C2 (might be caused by elongated/uneven styloid processes, I suspect):

I feel the same.

Recently had about three month-long bout of unstable HR: from 140 at rest (standing) to 45 at rest (lying supine). Now somewhat stabilized, 80-90 at rest while standing, 65-75 while lying.

Digestion, bowel movement, urination, loss of appetite, metabolism, even immune system feel shutting down at those “bad” times. One wrong neck movement, and I become more like a sleepwalker/zombie than a human being.

In my case, though, I feel that all or some of the quartet [nerves][arteries][veins][spinal cord] get affected, as the symptoms can vary a lot.


What can be done so fix a rotated c1 other than removing the styloid in which is compressing against?

If it’s chronically unstable and the underlying cause (e.g. the styloids) is removed, then some people advocate prolotherapy (but that’s a sh***y dangerous thing around that area, I imagine). Others - stem cell therapy (crazily expensive and the question is if it’s possible to easily find a clinic doing that). More traditional option - physiotherapy. Strenghtening the muscles responsible for holding the things in place. C1 and C2 have many muscular attachments down to the spine, shoulders (e.g. strong levator scapula compensating weak trapezius), so any imbalance definitely affects the atlas/axis stability.

Btw imagine you have very stiff triceps. What happens to the C1?


I am not sure if there’s any underlining instability for me. I know I had a cervical MRI last year and no one said anything, but then again, they didn’t say anything about my styloids either, so I’m not sure about it. I guess there was nothing obviously wrong there, but they might not pick up on the smaller things.

I do have very stiff shoulders and upper back that I’m trying to work with on stretches but definitely need PT for as I am not so good at figuring out what to do on my own.

I plan on doing some cervical traction and hopefully I can find a good PT who’s familiar with es and instability and tell me if I have.

I am not going to do any chiropractic work or prolotherapy. I simply don’t believe in it and think that it carries more risks than rewards, especially when it comes to the neck. My NIR told me if I had done any high velocity chiropractic work prior to my es surgery I likely would have ruptured my veins or artery due to the angle of my styloids. Scary stuff.


Then again, the other question is why did this start so suddenly for me. All I know is that it started after a few days of painting almost two years ago.

My theory is either my C1 shifted a bit and caused the compression, or, my left IJV clotted due to all the rubbing and movement and that threw me over the threshold.

I think it’s anyone’s guess. My styloids grew at an extremely straight angle so even a tiny movement from my C1 would have caused more compression.

Other than stiffness in my neck, which I attribute mostly to my upper back stiffness, I don’t have any classic signs of CCI. No crunching sounds, no pains, no feeling like my neck is lose or falling off.

So hopefully some good PT and stretches is all I need.

Including some images of my former styloids for reference and a neck CT

Scary thought about the potential damage a high velocity chiropractic neck adjustment could have caused you preop! Really glad that wasn’t a therapy you had turned to for symptoms relief. Caveat - I do see a chiropractor & it’s helped me a lot over the years but does seem more of a band-aid than a cure especially w/ stubborn vertebrae that refuse to stay in proper position in spite of muscle strengthening, lengthening, etc.


On the positive note… To me, your cervical lordotic curve seems really good. I don’t see any obvious signs of “military neck” or so…


Yah, I’m hoping there’s nothing going on with my neck and I can just work on my upper back and posture with pt.