Severe tension Headaches following days of nerve pain

Hello everyone!! This is my first discussion post. I was wondering if anyone deals with these symptoms. The classic “foreign body” sensation with sharp/burning pain during swallowing and certain tongue movements is experienced for awhile…then severe tension headaches set in. The muscles in my neck and trapezius are incredibly tight and sore; any movement causes a sharp pain. Does anyone have these headaches/tightness following the “classic eagle symptoms”? It began again on Dec 18th…and still hasn’t let go. :frowning: I know it could be worse so I keep my lil chin up. :slight_smile: I’m a pill popping princess these days…and warm packs help the muscles. I appreciate any input. :slight_smile: Hope everyone is having a good Sunday! Hugs!! :slight_smile:

Welcome Glitter Paws! I also have classic ES. I dont have the feeling that something is in my throat but i do have all the others that you have. They dont really follow a progression though. Sometimes its headaches and neck pain. Sometimes tongue and throat pain. Sometimes very sharp stabbing pains in head face and/ or neck. Sometimes i am lucky enough to have any above combination! Thats the fun of it. I never know whats coming next. I also have strange visual and vestibular symptoms. I have to say that while lots of others on thus site seem to be helped by cold and eating ice and popsicles heat is the only thing that helps me, especially with the pain in neck, ear, and occipital area. If you havent already, you may also want to consider meditation and imagery for relaxation. I use this a lot and found that it can sometimes help to reduce the loudness of tinnitus too. Hope this helps so you can pop fewer pills in the new year!